How To Plan Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy For 2022

How To Plan Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
How To Plan Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
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Influencer marketing, also known as branded content or working with marketers and creators – is undoubtedly an effective way to boost your brand’s reach on social media platforms. With the right planning, research, and proper execution, you can make your business benefit from this marketing strategy.

From finding the right Instagram influencers to making the best marketing strategy, you will answer all these aspects and more. So, let’s dive in.

About Instagram Influencer Marketing

In simple terms, an Instagram influencer utilises the Instagram video editor to make videos and reels that influence others on that same platform. Your brand will collaborate with influential people over Instagram to promote your products or services in influencer marketing. The basic form of influencer marketing started with celebrity endorsement.

Social media content creators with a specific audience can ensure more value to your brand in today’s rapid digitisation. The engaged group of followers of every Instagram influencer wields their reachability to promote your brand effectively. Thus, you can term it influencer marketing when you hire an influencer to promote your brand, product, or service.

About 72.5% of the US marketers will use influencer marketing to promote the brand value in 2022. In 2021, about 93% of US marketers plan to utilise the Instagram platform for their influencer marketing campaigns. Thus, you can clearly understand the importance of Instagram as an effective marketing channel.

Planning Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy For 2022

How To Plan Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
How To Plan Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
  1. First Thing’s First – Know Your Marketing Goals

The first and foremost goal that your brand must plan for its influencer marketing campaign is outreaching a new target audience. This is because the marketing campaign will extend your reach to that influencer’s followers. The goal must be simple yet precise – reaching new customers and not compulsorily making sales right at the beginning.

Getting sales from the marketing campaign should be your third-most prioritised goal. You must consider how the Instagram influencer marketing campaign will adjust to your comprehensive social media marketing strategy while making measurable objectives that you can track, evaluate, and analyse.

  1. Knowing The Target Audience That You Want To Influence
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A highly-effective influencer marketing strategy needs your brand to communicate with the right individual using the right video editing and other tools – and the right Instagram influencers. For instance, many influencers may have fake followers, which they paid for. So, it’s best to verify the authentic outreach and influence of the Instagram influencers before hiring them.

Now, you must define the target audience that you need for your specific marketing campaign. The best way to understand who you’re trying to reach over Instagram is by developing audience personas. Once you determine your target audience, make a similar set of influencer personas. This will enable you to determine and understand the qualities that you want from your influencers.

  1. Knowing The Rules And Norms

Before jumping into influencer marketing, it’s crucial to understand the rules and norms first. In the US, these rules fall under the supervision of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC considers any disclosure seriously. Thus, it’s crucial to prepare an agreement with disclosure guidelines when hiring influencers. The influencers must know how to identify the sponsored posts, but they often don’t do so in reality. In contrast, the influencers may do so precisely that the disclosure guideline gets effectively incomprehensible or obscure.

For instance, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK investigated the ‘hidden ads’ on Instagram. It mandated the parent company – Facebook, now meta, to follow the changes to make the disclosure more transparent and easier. However, the exact rules and norms vary minutely from one country to another, so it’s best to check the latest requirements under your state’s jurisdiction. In simple ways, you need to plan your marketing campaign in a clear and upfront way for the viewers so that they understand whether an Instagram post is sponsored or not.

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  1. Knowing And Considering The Three R’s of Influence

Influence comprises three major components: Relevance, Research, and Resonance.

  • Relevance: A relevant Instagram influencer will share and promote relevant content to your brand, business, or industry niche. You must plan to hire influencers that have audiences aligning to your target niche market.
  • Reach: The estimated number of people your brand or business can potentially reach via the influencer’s follower list. It doesn’t matter if the follower list consists of a small audience, but ensure that the followers align with your marketing goals.
  • Resonance: It is the probable engagement level that your influencers can develop with the target audience relevant to your brand niche.

Pro tip: A huge follower list is not necessarily effective if the followers don’t interest in your products. However, niche influencers can fetch a highly engaging follower list.

  1. Put Together A Short List of Instagram Influencers

The key to working with the right person while driving the best results is trust. So, your target audience must respect and trust the suggestions and opinions of the Instagram influencers you collaborate with. If there’s no trust factor, the results can become peripheral. Your marketing efforts may not give you a tangible business impact.

The best way to determine whether your potential influencer is trusted by its followers is engagement. You must consider the vast number of likes, shares, and comments on every Instagram post. Explicitly, you must consider them from the niche follower segments that you want to reach. A good or high engagement rate indicates a loyal and authentic following.

  1. Do The Research And Measure The Results
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You must research what your potential Instagram influencers are posting and how frequently they share any sponsored content. It’s best to hire an influencer with a more organic reach and higher engagement rate. After your influencer marketing campaign launch, you must monitor metrics like likes, shares, and comments. You must understand the campaign value in terms of ROI or return on investment to measure its effectiveness. The best way to track the audience that influencers send to your website is UTM parameters.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid popularity of social media platforms for marketing objectives, Instagram has become the right channel for brands and marketers to boost their reach over social media. So, you must have gained a basic insight into the ways to plan an effective Instagram influencer marketing strategy for 2022. Start working on your brand too, and plan your campaign today.

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