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Medical Marijuana Card Naples
Medical Marijuana Card Naples
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Many years of research and clinical trials have made today a reality. When Marijuana was initially legalized it was only allowed for use by those who were terminally ill. It took several years but now the laws have loosened, and there is a list of qualifying conditions that allow patients to add Medical Marijuana Card Naples to their treatment regime. Patients register for a Medical Marijuana Card to take advantage of the immense benefits of this natural herb. With the backing of multiple studies, the State of Florida legalized the use of Medical Marijuana in 2016. The legal process started with the passing of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in 2014. This Act allowed seriously ill patients with cancer or epilepsy to use low-THC cannabis, a chemical compound found in Marijuana. After the Act was passed, the Health Department of Florida, developed the Office for Compassionate Use (OCU). The purpose of this office is to manage and monitor the State’s Medical Marijuana Program.
The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act allows certified doctors only to prescribe low-THC, a chemical found in Medical Marijuana or Medical Marijuana to qualified patients. A doctor can prescribe a supply of 45 days only and must update the Compassionate Use Registry to reflect the amount ordered. Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative was passed in 2016 with 70% voting in favor of its use to treat an approved list of conditions. This initiative permitted the broader legalization of Marijuana and included more conditions for qualifying for its use.

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Medical Marijuana Card Naples
Medical Marijuana Card Naples

Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

  • The Laws on the use of Medical Marijuana are still in their infancy and are liable to change. However, it’s mandatory to follow the laws stipulated by the state of Florida on the use and possession of Medical Marijuana Card Naples, failure to abide by these rules can result in discontinuation of the treatment in addition to other serious repercussions.
    Florida Medical Marijuana Laws allow only certified patients who have a Medical Marijuana Card to consume, buy and carry Cannabis. Even if you have a Marijuana Card, the law prohibits you from taking high-THC products in public or on public transport.
    It is legal to carry Cannabis if a patient has a Marijuana Card, which shows that they need it for medicinal use. They can have it on them in an outdoor space, but cannot use it openly in a public place.
    It is legal to take low-THC medicine in public if you absolutely have to; however, it is better to use it privately.
    It is recommended to avoid any government and federal buildings and any establishments that receive federal funding.
    Unless it is required and if the employer has given approval, the patients can take Medical Marijuana in their place of work.
    Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida do not allow anyone to take high- THC doses while driving a car, a boat, flying an aircraft, and any other means of transport.
    Even if a patient is registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, it is illegal to buy, carry or consume Cannabis for recreational purposes.
    It is illegal to share Medical marijuana with anyone. You cannot share your Medical Marijuana dose and product with another patient even if the other patient has a Medical Marijuana Card.
    You cannot take Medical Marijuana out of the state of Florida, even if you are a certified patient. Cannabis cannot cross state lines and has to be purchased and carried legally in every state according to the state’s laws and regulations.
    To completely understand these laws, and to stay on top of new regulations you should seek the assistance of My Florida Green. They have a team of Marijuana experts that have access to the latest Marijuana research and are up to date with all the new rules and regulations and can guide you in navigating your Marijuana journey.
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Consequences of Breaking Medical Marijuana Card Naples

Having a Medical Marijuana Card Naples is a responsibility and a privilege. Patients are required to follow the standards of qualification and governing law of its use. There can be serious repercussions, including fines, jail time, and even permanent discontinuation of your treatment if these laws are broken.
Patients need to see their qualified physician for an in-person evaluation at a minimum of every 210 days or seven months. While this is the minimum under the Florida law, there are exceptions, and some patients might require more frequent visits, the treating physician makes these decisions.
Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota has to be renewed annually. If a patient fails to renew their card, they must start from the beginning of the registration process.

Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota
Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota

MY FLORIDA GREEN is the smart choice for getting a Marijuana Card

There are still many patients in Florida who have yet to take advantage of legalized Marijuana treatment. For many, they are simply not aware that they would qualify or of how beneficial that marijuana may be for their specific health condition.
My Florida Green is changing the lives of many patients in Naples, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Melbourne, and in other cities in Florida. They are the most reliable and trusted for getting a Medical Marijuana Card. My Florida Green strives to provide every patient a stress-free experience and helps them by providing a bespoke service.

Contact My Florida Green and begin a better way of managing your chronic conditions with the natural benefits of Medical Marijuana.

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