What Are The Best Ways to Promote Your Search Engine Optimization Company?

What Are The Best Ways to Promote Your Search Engine Optimization Company
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Search engine optimization is a growing industry as the world moves more online. On the back of this, thousands of SEO companies are popping up, claiming to be the next best thing to help businesses grow. Some of these companies are masters at what they do and have been doing it for years. But what if you have decided to take the plunge and set up your own SEO company? How do you make your new company stand out from the rest? Here are some ideas to help you promote your business and get your SEO company up and running.

Know All About SEO

This might seem like a strange thing to state but it is surprising how many companies or individuals claim to be experts in SEO but don’t actually know what they are doing. When it comes to SEO, it is a competitive market out there and each company offers a different level of SEO competence. If you want to succeed and successfully promote what you do, make sure that you know all about SEO.


Be a Brand

Building a brand is an important step for any business and it goes beyond having a fancy logo. A brand encompasses so many aspects of your business and what it stands for. By building a brand, you will find it easier to attract more clients by building credibility and being consistent. It is important to remember that your brand is the first thing that customers will experience about your business so make sure it is the right image for your company. Don’t worry if you have to refine your brand from time to time, plenty of the big brands do it.

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Have Client Testimonials

If you are starting out as a business, it can be tough to get those first few important clients and reviews. Even a handful of good reviews can be enough to help boost your business drastically. This is why it is important to have your company rankings available on multiple platforms as this allows exposure from many different sources. SEO is a difficult thing to qualify at times and having those past clients sing your praises can be the difference between a new client or shutting up shop.

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Ensure Your Own Site is Optimized for SEO

How awkward would it be if you claimed that you were the High Commander of the spaceship SEO, and your own site was hopeless? That would be pretty embarrassing. In order to show people what your SEO company is capable of, show them how you apply SEO to your own business. This can be useful if you are trying to find those first clients. And, if you truly know SEO and what it can do for a business, you will be able to create a business website that outranks others and shows higher in search engine results.

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What Are The Best Ways to Promote Your Search Engine Optimization Company

Gather Quality Resources

In business, you can’t do it all yourself, so it is important to have a backup plan and other resources to rely on. For example, you could be brilliant at showing a client how their website needs to be altered to improve their rankings, but you might be awful at writing. Having a team of writers to help you when you need content building on a site can be crucial. It is these types of people (or resources) that you need to have at hand to ensure you give the best possible service, which will then lead to those positive customer reviews.

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Start Cold Emailing

Cold calling is a thing of the past but cold emailing is the way of the future. We don’t need to tell you about the current trend of not answering the phone to an unknown number, you probably do it yourself already. But cold emailing is very different and not the same as building an email list. Building your own email list is entirely different and requires consent under GDPR. However, cold emailing is about reaching out to people and businesses who have never heard of you. For example, if you are trying to make a name for yourself in your local area, you can easily email businesses in the area by finding their details online.

Remember, this does not mean that you can add their details onto a mailing list but you can pose the question “would you like to stay up to date with us? Click here to sign up to our mailing list”. Although we have listed GDPR here, there are regulations that need to be taken into consideration when you are contacting someone, so just be mindful of those.

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