How to know the vehicle owner details by the vehicle registration number

number plate
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Do you know? You can get the vehicle owners details by the vehicle registration number. You can get it on your mobile, PC or laptop. In this article, I will tell you about the following context.

  1. The registration number and its format.
  2. The process of getting the information about the vehicle owner.
  3. The different colours of vehicle number plates.

The circumstances where you need to know the owner’s detail.

  1. In case of a road accident.
  2. for selling and purchasing of vehicles.
  3. To know the vehicle belongs to which state or area etc.
  4. In case of hit and run on the road.

What is the vehicle registration number?

The registration number is given on the number plate of the vehicle. The number plate is firmly attached to the backside and front side of the vehicle. There are two types of registration numbers.

  1. Temporary registration number
  2. Permanent registration number

Temporary registration number

This is the identification number of the vehicle. The dealer gives this number to the vehicle owner at the time of purchasing the vehicle. It is a temporary vehicle number and valid for a short time span. Within nearly one month you have to get your permanent vehicle registration number.

Permanent registration number                           

The vehicle owner has to apply for a permanent registration number in the RTO office. The RTO will register the vehicle with the ministry of road transport and highway. After registration of the vehicle, The RTO give the permanent vehicle registration number. This registered number can not be changed in any situation. This is the permanent registration number of the vehicle.

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Vehicle registration number format

There are four parts in the registration number format-number plate

  • The first two letters represent the state or union territory. Where the vehicle is registered
  • The next two digits represent the particular district RTO.
  • The third may consist of one, two, three letters or maybe zero letters. This is for the series of RTO.
  • The fourth part is consist of 1 to 9999 number. This is unique for every vehicle


How to know the vehicle owner details by vehicle number 

For checking the vehicle owner details by mobile phone. You have to send an SMS from your mobile. Type your SMS in the given format VAHAN(space)VEHICLE NUMBER. Send this text SMS to 77382 99899.

After that, you will get your answer SMS with the following details. 

  • The vehicle owner name.
  • Regional RTO
  • FC expiry date
  • Sr.No.of ownership

You can check the vehicle owner details on the website VAHAN

registration details
reg. details

when you fill in registration details as above box click I am not a robot and click on get details you will get the details as follow-

owner details
owners details

Meaning of number plates colour:

We see various coloured number plate vehicles running on the road. Have you ever noticed why these number plates have different colours?  And which colour stands for what type of vehicle? Now I tell you about these coloured number plates. The special colour of the number plates indicates the purpose of the vehicle.

  • White colour number plate: White plate with black coloured letters represents the vehicle is for private use only. This vehicle cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • Yellow colour number plate: The trucks and taxis with yellow plates and black letters can be used for commercial purposes. The driver also has a commercial vehicle driving licence. Commercial DL is mandatory for this vehicle.
  • Black colour number plate: Black colour plate with the yellow text number plate. These are available for rent. This vehicle can be used for any commercial purpose. For this vehicle no commercial driving licence is mandatory.
  • Light blue colour number plate: Light blue plate with white numbering. This type of vehicle belongs to other countries. Such as UN, CD, or CC. UN stands for United Nations. CD stands for Diplomatic corps. CC stands for Consular Corps.
  • Red colour number plate: Red plate with white numbering vehicle. These are for the Indian President, Governors of states. These vehicles have no license.
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