How to track the location of mobile phone or internet users with a tracking app

tracking apps
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In various situations, we need to track the location of mobile or internet users with a tracking app.

tracking apps

The situations are as follows.

  1. Find out lost mobile phones.
  2. Keep an eye on school-going children and spouses to avoid threats like kidnapping.
  3. Reach out at the residence of relatives in dense cities.
  4.  For watching the working staff of a company.
  5. Monitoring the delivery of a product of online shopping.
  6. Catch out the criminal.
  7. To guiding vehicles running on the road for transport goods.

Rather than these situations some time you need to track the internet surfing activity such as follows.

  1. Avoid searching inappropriate websites and watching adult content for your children.
  2. For keeping an eye on the social media activity of your loved one or spouse. because they may be cheating or concealing things from you.
  3. Protecting the company data and system from cheaters and irresponsible staff. they may send the data on harmful platforms or insert harmful malware into the system.
  4. Checking that the company staff is working on the right track or searching other websites which are not relevant to company work.

If you have faced or are facing these situations. This article is for you, by reading this you can overcome all these situations. In this article, I’m going to tell you some most reliable apps that work genuinely.


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 What is location tracking?

It is the process of locating the physical position of an object or a person and recording it on an electronic device and sending this information to the observer device. And the observer can see the location on the screen as a digital picture. Location tracking is possible with the GPS navigation system.

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These days you can perform this activity with the help of android mobile apps and some internet websites are also providing this facility in free trials and paid versions. The apps which you can use to track location and track the web history and other social media activity are as follows.


 Tracking app to tracking the location of a mobile or internet user.

1 Google maps, 2 SpyIc, 3  Find my iPhone, 4 Cocospy, 5 FieldSense, 6 FamiSafe, 7 Global Glimpse, 8 Where is my droid, 9 Find my Friend, 10 Spyier Tracker, 11 Minspy. 

The above apps are used worldwide for tracking location and monitoring the internet activity of the company staff and school-going children or your loved one.

Now I will explain downloading, Installation, and working of 5 apps that are used globally.

1 Google Map

It is a very simple and reliable app to find the location of any mobile. This app is inbuilt in the android mobile. For using its location tracking feature you have to open the app and turn on the location of your mobile now your mobile will show your location on the map. Now you can share this location with another mobile in which you want to track the location.

Google Maps

You have to click on the menu to find the location sharing option. You can select the time duration till you want to share the location. This app can’t track web history or other social media activity.

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2 SpyIC

This app is worldwide used for tracking location as well as social media activity and web browsing history also. This software provides a real-time location and mobile monitoring facility.

SpyIC app

Downloading and installation..this app is easily downloaded in the android play store and installed on the mobile which you want to track. the app works in the background without knowing the user. It does not need jailbreak and root. This app can be uninstalled remotely. This tracking app is a genuine and reliable app.  


  • You can track current and past locations on the map
  • You can record calls, SMS, Whatsapp, and track web history.
  • Compatible with android and ios. 
  • 100% undetectable.
  • Reliable 

3 Find my iPhone

This app is for iPhone users. With this app, you can track the real-time location of any iPhone user. To find your lost device and protect your data by locking your iPhone remotely.

Find My
Find My app

 This location tracking app is the most reliable.

4 Cocospy

Coco spy is a google tracking app used for tracking location and text SMS calls and social media activity, web history, etc.

cocospy app
cocospy app

It can easily install from the google play store. After that, it should be set up for tracking the targeted devices. For tracking your company staff, family member, etc.


  • Compatible with android and ios. 
  • 100% undetectable.
  • Reliable 

Trace Mobile number and Know the Name and address of number owner (100% working)


5 Minspy 

Using a min spy tracking app you can monitor your targeted mobile. It can be installed and start working in three easy steps.

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1)Download the app.

2) Install the app in the target.

3) Set up your web browser.

Minspy app
Minspy app


  • You can track current and past locations on the map
  • You can record calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and track web history.
  • Compatible with android and ios. 
  • 100% undetectable.
  • No jailbreak and root required.
  • Reliable and genuine. 
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