What are Types of Image Annotation Used to Create the Training Data for Machine Learning?

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image annotationMachine learning and AI can be developed with high-quality training sets. And in visual perception based AI model, annotated images are required to make the various types of objects recognizable to machines through computer vision. Anolytics provides the image annotation services for different types of AI models need high-quality training data sets at most affordable pricing.

Bounding Box Annotation

To make the objects detectable, bounding box annotation is used to annotate the images in rectangular or square shapes. 2D and 3D Bounding Box annotation is the right or best technique to annotate the object of interest in the machine learning and AI. Anolytics provides the bounding box image annotation for self-driving cars, robots and drones trained with deep learning based AI models.

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Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation is the one of the most helpful image annotation technique, provides the in-depth recognition of various objects in a single class. The whole object of interest is segmented with overlapped shades to make it not only recognizable but also classify with best accuracy. Anolytics, is providing the semantic image segmentation to assign a class to every pixel for autonomous vehicles.

3D Cuboid Annotation

To detect and recognize the third dimension of the objects, 3D cuboid annotation techniques is used while creating the machine learning training data. In Cuboid annotation objects in the images are annotated to understand the real-word scenario having different sized and shaped objects. Anolytics provides the 3D cuboid image annotation services for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles.

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3D Point Cloud Annotation

Self-driving cars while running on the road need to detect the objects in more in-depth manner. 3D Point annotation can create such training data for LiDARs in self-driving cars and other computer vision based AI models. It can classify the objects and detect them in right lane. In self-driving cars, path can be detected with right lane and provides a right view to self-driving cars.

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Polygon & Polyline Annotation

Similarly, for irregular shaped objects, polygon annotation image annotation techniques is used to create the training data sets. The coarse object that are not in a standard shape can be annotated with polygon annotation to annotate the objects for precise detection. Any asymmetrical shaped objects can be annotated with polygon annotation by Analytics. It is also used to localize the objects viewed from the heights by the drones or similar autonomous flaying objects.

Anolytics for Best Image Annotation for Machine Learning

Anolytics is providing all types of image annotation techniques to make the different types of objects for different types of AI models recognizable through machine learning training data sets. Working with well-trained and experienced annotators, Anolytics can annotate the huge amount of images with next level of accuracy for right and accurate detection or recognition of objects by AI models.

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