A Five-Step Guide to Buying Tyres

A Five-Step Guide to Buying Tyres
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Dealing with any vehicle becomes a hardship if any of its main components is not the right fit for it. Among several other parts, its set of car tyres does fall under such a category. They are always in contact with the surface of the road. Thus, they should be suited to your vehicle at all times. 

The current market for automobile parts, particularly tyres, is saturated. That is why making the right purchase can seem challenging. Among so many models of so many brands, you must want the best fit for your vehicle. Here are five tips that can help you figure out the perfect ones!

Tyre size matching

Every tyre is characterized by a set of values that indicate its size. This information is noteworthy, especially before buying a new set of radials. Most often, this is marked on the sidewalls of the tyres. It is usually presented in a standard format that looks somewhat like the following: 205 / 55 R-16 V 91. Every letter and number in this data set is an indicator of the different features of the tyre. In this example, the first two numerical values separated by the / (slash) symbol imply its width and profile, respectively. Then these are followed by the rim size. The V and 91 indicate two principal index values. The former concerns the speed, while the latter is a measure of the load.

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You have to be aware of the specifics above before considering any tyre for purchase. Matching the radial size correctly is thus a crucial step in the tyre buying process.

The two by two rule

Now that you are all set with the measurements, let us move on to the second matter of consideration. The two by two rule simply means that you must mount tyres in pairs. That means radial replacement should take place for both the wheels in the front or back axle. Let us understand why that is the case through an example. Say the tread depth for one of the tyres falls below the legal limit while the other remains above. Now, if you switch out the illegal tyre with a new one, there occurs an imbalance. That is the case for all features of the tyres on an axle. Such irregularities affect the performance of the car and can even make you lose control of it. Thus, make sure to always replace tyres in a pair as opposed to one by one.

Branding and original equipment

There are hundreds of brands on sale in the market, and no two tyres have the same qualities. There exists a hierarchy among brands in terms of quality and pricing. But it also extends in terms of their partners and services. Often some of these tyre manufacturers work in collaboration with the vehicle makers. They produce radials that are customized to fit the wheels of a particular car model. That is known as Original Equipment (OE). While it is not mandatory to use the Dunlop tyres that a vehicle comes with, it can alter your overall experience to some extent. Although this can be regarding the performance, it is also closely linked to some formal matters.

For instance, switching out the OE might invalidate your warranty. Thus, take note of these things before you order the new set.

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EU labelling

Depending on your budget and needs, you can take your pick among tyres of different qualities. To set a ground standard, three features are taken into consideration. These include the fuel economy, wet adhesion, and noise levels of a tyre. The information related to these is also presented on the tyres in the form of EU labels. Thus, it becomes significant that you check these tyre performance markers. That will help you in deciding the class of tyres that you should go for.

Seasonal variety

As a driver, you know that the required tyres are determined by the road conditions. A season change is thus accompanied by an alteration in those conditions. Hence the tyres that you use for the summers will differ from those for the winter months. In general, a temperature threshold of 7°C is set to determine the type of tyres to be used. Snow radials usually become a necessity below this value.

It can even become dangerous without these complementary tyres. Similarly, temperatures above that mark imply an onset of summer and usually require the respective radials. Beyond these, there exists another possibility. That is the use of all-season tyres. If the weather in your area is mild, buying two sets of summer and winter tyres is unessential.

Any automobile-related purchase should be done after careful consideration of various factors. If you keep the ones regarding tyres in mind, you can take an informed decision. That way, you choose the best for your vehicle, ensuring your rides are the best. Once you are sure of the ones you want, you can get them online or at the local tyre shop. If this is your first time, and you want to pick them out in person, look up tyres near me to find the right dealer. And that is it. You can now buy the correct tyres for your vehicle and enjoy your rides!

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