Angular Vs AngularJS: Select a Right Fit for Your Project

Angular vs AngularJS
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When you are searching for a popular JavaScript framework and you are more likely to find Angular and AngularJS both listed among the top five. AngularJS always managed to secure a top place in a popularity chart because of its fast-performing features, introduced in 2009 by the tech giant Google. A leading Angular Development Company has been a great choice for building an appropriate and reliable single-page application.

We are going to discuss about some benefits offered by AngularJS and its successor in this blog. Angular is based on TypeScript, an open-source programming language as well as a syntactical superset of JavaScript which is developed and maintained by Microsoft.

Features enabled AngularJS to Control the popularity charts?

AngularJS has released it’s stable and latest version 1.7.9 in November 2019. Since July 2018, AngularJS 1.7 has entered 3 years period of Long Term Support (LTS) up to June 2021, and within this time period the Angular is exclusively focused on providing fixes to errors.

Let’s look deeper and find the reasons that make AngularJS a better fit for your upcoming projects:

Intuitive User Interface

Are you looking forward to creating a lightweight, expressive and user-friendly UI? AngularJS offers you to extend HTML to declare dynamic views and improve the user experience of your user interfaces.

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MVC architecture

This JavaScript framework relies on utilizes Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture to develop feature-rich and interactive web applications:

  • Model — Model maintains the data.
  • View — View displays the data.
  • Controller — Controller establishes a connection between View and the Model.
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Declarative code style

AngularJS uses a programming pattern that expresses the logic of computation that’s why making the code more lightweight and easy to read at the same time rather than describing its flow of control or the steps needed to achieve the objective.

Two-way data binding

Each and every change made in the user interface, modules, or browser events immediately influence application objects as well as updates the necessary patterns. So, you do not need to store links to DOM (Document object model) elements in AngularJS and manipulate them directly.

Enterprise-level testing

AngularJS comes pre-loaded with leverages dependency injection and mocks as it was designed to be testable. It understands the workings of the framework, encourages behavior-view differentiations and that’s why eliminates the need for additional plugins.

Enterprises are banking on Angular?

Angular was created from the ground-up to take Angular development to new frontiers like mobile and large enterprise apps; thanks to the collaborative efforts of Microsoft and Google for the rewrite. Many businesses are utilizing the Angular development tools to advance their web and mobile app development.

Here are some advantages of Angular that helped this framework shot to popularity:

Develop across all platforms

Angular allows you to build applications for one platform and reuse that code for building applications for the deployment target including web app, mobile app, native mobile, and native desktop. That’s why it helps Angular developers to achieve maximum efficiency with the minimum effort.

Enhance user experience with speed

Performance and the execution speed of your applications play an important role in helping you to deliver an optimum experience to users and Angular enables you to achieve exactly that through web workers and server-side rendering.

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Leverage scalability to get an edge

Scalability is important for any growing business and it’s one of the powerful reasons that enterprises rely on Angular as it provides you control over the scalability. It offers you to meet the enterprise-grade huge data requirements by building data models on Reactive Extensions for JavaScript or RxJS, immutable.js, or any other push model.

Build faster with an amazing toolkit

Angular provides simple and declarative templates that you are able to extend with either your own components or utilize the wide array of existing components to build rich features easy and quick. You do not need to focus on making the code; rather you can get help and feedback from almost every IDE and editor while developing your applications.

Massive possibilities with Ivy

Ivy is a new rendering engine, and the complete rewrite of the original Angular renderer ViewEngine, that transforms Angular templates into JavaScript code and produces the small bundle sizes. In Google I/O 2018, we had a sneak peek of project Ivy and with the release of Angular 8, the developers got to play with the Ivy Preview.

In Angular 9, Ivy is a default compiler that will indicate the issue of loading time due to the large size which in turn impacts the overall performance of the applications.


When it comes to selecting a framework for the project, it is always about how the features of the technology compare to your essentialities. Still, talking about the innovations taking place in the Angular team, it would definitely make sense to recommend an Angular development company or an experienced Angular development expert to start your project. The common process of the final selection is the benefits offered by each framework versus the requirements of your project.

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