How To Create Epic Social Media Graphics That Can Do Wonders For Your Brand?

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Visuals are significant for social media engagement. According to a study, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. This data shows the importance of visual media in social media posts.

Social media posts with video or graphic content grab more attention than posts with only text.

Importance of visuals in social media

People process visual information much faster than plain text. All social media platforms are based on visual content, whether graphics videos or both. When graphics are used consistently on various social media platforms, it creates brand recognition and awareness.
The social media posts with visual content have a 650 percent higher likes and comment rate than only text posts.

A well-designed graphics also inspires users to share your posts on their social media pages, which enhances your design’s reach.

Tips For Creating Awesome Social Media Graphics

The graphics for social media are designed to look beautiful and engage the audience and support the content. Here are some tips for creating awesome and engaging graphics for social media:

1. The photographs must be of high quality

The photographs you used in social media directly represent your brand identity. So, make sure you invest in quality images. The high-quality images not only grab customer attention but also create brand awareness and credibility. You can increase the quality of your photographs by these methods:

  • Use natural light
  • Add enough contrast
  • Choose complementary colors
  • Keep the photographs simple and refrain from over-editing

2. Use a variety of visual content

Visual content is not just about pictures or videos. You can choose a variety of visual content, including:

  • Quote graphics: It helps your fans or customers relate to your brand’s meaning and message.
  • Storytelling: This is a very effective method to engage the audience. You can tell a story using animation or infographics.
  • Customer testimonials: The reviews and testimonials of the customers build trust and create goodwill for your product. It shows the potential customers a positive brand history.
  • Images of your employees: Your employees’ images of having fun or working hard on the projects can make the customers relate more to your company.
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3. Go for unique and creative graphics

Creativity makes your brand unique and it drives back people back to your website. You can make your graphic more creative by following these:

  • Add a little animation: Animation can make your content stand out. GIFs and media can add a narrative to your visuals.
  • Focus on your presentation: creating graphics is a very creative task. But if the beautiful graphics are not represented properly, they can lose their sheen. So, make sure you work on your presentation.

4. Be consistent with fonts and colors

Maintaining consistency is very important to keep your audience engaged. This makes your content familiar to them. So, stay consistent with font size, and color choices, which reflect your brand personality.

5. Optimize for SEO

You should optimize visuals for SEO also. The popularity of visual search is growing day by day with tools like Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, etc. For SEO, make sure to add the right keywords in the graphic designs. For Instagram posts, you can create unique hashtags and captions which will yield better results.

6. Choose the right size of the graphics

The wrong size of media can badly affect your brand image. Images with the wrong aspect ratio or low resolutions can be stretched or cropped. This will make them out of proportion, and it shows your brand in a bad light.

Make sure you customize your graphics according to the social media platform, as every platform has its specification. If you choose the right size of graphics, it will make sure that people see what you want to present on their desktop or mobile.

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The Final Say

Designing awesome graphics for social media is not very difficult, but it is not very easy though. The success of social media depends upon trying and testing different approaches and designs. You can follow these tricks and tips to create awesome graphics for social media design that are not only beautiful but also keep your audience engaged.


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