Relationship between alcohol drinking and erectile dysfunction

relationship between alcohol
relationship between alcohol
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The relationship between alcohol drinking and erectile dysfunction is scientifically proven.

All scientific studies have shown that all men will one day have erectile dysfunction; this can be due to many factors. Usually, these are age-related problems and a drop in testosterone levels. but they can also result from prostate disease, for example.

If you are looking for a common way to treat erectile dysfunction

It is usually a sexual breakdown in younger men due to stress or factors such as diet, smoking, or alcohol. We must be cautious with alcoholic beverages that can have a disinhibiting effect, but which have dire consequences in the medium and long term on the quality of erections. Therefore it may be interesting to find solutions to combat these disorders.

testosterone levels
testosterone levels

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The real impact of alcohol on male sexuality.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 50% of erectile dysfunction is cause by excessive alcohol consumption. However, young men tend to think that this will make it easier for them to have sex. as they are less anxious because the effect of alcohol makes it easier to feel more relaxed with their partner.


The problem is that you regularly drink too much alcohol

which, like tobacco, will affect your liver and all the nerves and arteries that supply your sex during erection. Also your semen’s quality will suffer, and you will produce less sperm, resulting in weak and pressureless ejaculations.

Erectile Dysfunction: What it Is and How to Start with Treatment Super p Force himsedpills This is due to a decrease in testosterone levels due to regular alcohol consumption. Beyond these physical symptoms, erectile dysfunction patients often experience loss of self-confidence and, in some cases, severe depression.

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Solutions to avoid erectile dysfunction problems when drinking alcohol.

First of all, as with any problem, it can be easily solved when taken on time. So if a man under 30 wants to avoid more frequent sexual crises. it is enough to reduce his alcohol consumption and avoid excesses in this area. especially if this is combin with smoking or cannabis smoking.

This will be much more difficult if alcohol consumption is regular, and the patient suffers from alcoholism. This pathology must necessarily be treat with the consultation of a doctor specializing in addictions and. above all, try not to aggravate the situation. People in their 30s, due to alcohol. already have erections equivalent to those of a 70-year-old man.

It may be interesting to take some herbal supplements (Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali) to help you regain a good erection and maintain it for longer. Viagra or Spedra pills can also help but require a prescription.

If you are still young or of a certain age, consider maintaining your health balance. It is essential to know that sexuality can be good until the age of 90 if you learn to respect specific rules and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and tobacco abuse and exercise regularly, avoiding being too passive.

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