Pack Your Bags with Goodies from Rainbow Restaurant for Your Next Camping Trip

Rainbow Restaurant for Your Next Camping Trip
Rainbow Restaurant for Your Next Camping Trip
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Social distancing can take a toll on your otherwise normal life and mind. And why not? Previously you used to be busy with an active life. From morning to evening, you used to have a life full of commitments, and that which was personal, professional, or social. Even though the world’s latest wave of the pandemic is subsiding very slowly and the world is adjusting with the new normal, you are supposed to maintain social distancing for your own safety as well as the community’s safety. So, when you are staying mostly at home and ordering in, why don’t you use your weekend break just to take a breather from the monotony of staying at home and burn out due to limitless work? Well, you cannot drop by a club or a mall right now. So, pack your bags and get out for a camping trip in the lap of nature!!

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Packing and leaving early morning and exploring the trails all on your own can be the much-needed break from the confinement of home and all the tension that this pandemic is bringing to the world. And you are effectively maintaining distance from the crowd too. And when you are setting out, just order your breakfast and lunch from Rainbow Restaurant to keep you full and happy for the day. What items would you like to pack? Here is the list, check it out.

Breakfast with Burrito

Breakfast, the meal you start your day with should be delicious, healthy, and filling. And when it is on the go, it has to be quick too. Burritos are perfect this way for your camping breakfast. The Tex-Mex food, veggies or chicken fillings wrapped with a grilled tortilla make it totally delicious, wholesome, and healthy. Choose your favorite option, as you have found one of the few Fort Collins restaurants that serve vegan and gluten-free food. Keep it in the potable cooler you are carrying and toss it on the grill while sitting by the campsite.

Buritto inrestaurants in fort collins
Burrito in restaurants in fort collins

Filling Lunch with Fruits and Veggies

When you are camping and enjoying some outdoor time, you must not forget that the pandemic is still there and that is why boosting your immunity is essential while you opt for tasty food. So for lunch, get the pack of healthy fruit and vegetable salads with Rainbow’s authentic homemade dressing. While avocado and oranges provide their own goodness, onions, nuts, and cottage cheese provide you with the calories you need. The wholesome bowl of salad is surely what you need to dig in while camping this weekend. Rainbow Restaurant is voted the best of all lunch restaurants in Fort Collins for the last 40 years! So, trust them with your taste and health.

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Wash It Down with Bloody Mary

When it comes to the cocktails, there is hardly anything that can come close in competition with a glass of Bloody Mary. Containing a moderate dose of vodka with lemon juice, tomato juice, salt, herbs, garlic, and black pepper, Bloody Mary is for everything, from being “hair of the dog” to the perfect beverage to wash down your lunch. Now shake and drink Bloody Mary bottles are available with olives, pickle, lemon, and rum salt. Pick one or two bottles with yourself for camping.

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The Dash of Sweetness

When you are spending an evening full of introspection, solitude, with a cup of warm coffee, why not dig in some cakes too?! Their coffee cakes are the perfect dash of sweetness that will make your camping evening even more lovable. And when it comes to comfort food, can you think of anything else apart from some good bite of a soft cake!

fort collins dash of sweetness

So, now as you have got the list, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out on a camping trip in order to get rejuvenated. And to order some food from one of the best restaurants in Fort Collins, go for ordering from Rainbow through Noco Nosh. And think of being safe more than anything.

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