What are the benefits of IVF treatment?

benefits of ivf treatment
benefits of ivf treatment
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Decoding the benefits of IVF treatment

The couples who deal with the problem of infertility consider IVF as their last resort when all else fails to give them a child. Infertility is precisely described as a condition where one or both the couple have a reproductive disorder that prevents them from attaining pregnancy and consequently, having a child. Intending parents tend to ignore the prospect of IVF until they realize no other treatment can help them with the problem of their specific infertility.

IVF is the most viable fertility treatment option for couples battling the issue of infertility for years and want a sure and shot away that can take their childlessness away. It is a treatment where fertilization is worked out technically by combining the eggs with the sperms in a laboratory setting, which makes the attainment of fertilization way lot easier as compared to the traditional method of getting pregnant.

5 Million Babies and Counting: How IVF is Helping Couples Birth Healthy Children


This treatment is helpful when the couples fail to conceive due to various reproductive health issues such as low sperm or erectile dysfunction in men, insufficient ovarian reserve or damaged Fallopian tubes in women, or other issues that come under the vicinity of the term ‘unexplained infertility.’ Where there is no treatment available for severe reproductive impairment, then the couple can always have the option to take the help of donor egg or donor sperm according to their requirements. IVF is a treatment having decent chances of effectuating a pregnancy and the chances of success depends on your health, age, and of course, the place where you choose to get this treatment.

Apart from holding the reputation of most coveted fertility treatment method in the wide domain of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology methods, IVF comes with a certain set of benefits that are enough to accommodate the different requirements of the patients to make their dream of having a child highly accessible.

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Here are some benefits that can only be attained through the help of an IVF treatment.

You get to decide the time to get pregnant regardless of your age

This technical method of reproduction has given the unbelievable option of choosing to delay pregnancy without delaying fertility. When the couple or a single mother choose to get married later or to have a child at a later age that is not considered to be a good reproductive age, then with help of cryopreservation, the couple can freeze their eggs or sperms to a period until they want. This eggs or sperms can be defreeze and used for pregnancy. But this is only possible when the couple is using the IVF and not the natural method for acquiring pregnancy.

IVF treatment
IVF treatment

IVF is the best option when other fertility treatments fail

Before opting for IVF, the couple try to get pregnant with other basic fertility treatment method such as fertility medication or IUI treatment. Fertility medication is given when to trigger the egg production so that better results could be attained in pregnancy and IUI is a minimally invasive ART method where sperms are directly inserted inside the uterus of the woman using an injection. When both these methods fail to give the results, then IVF treatment is used, which gives better chances at pregnancy.

Facility of using eggs or sperms from a donor

IVF uses sperms and eggs collected from the parents to fertilize in the lab but due to various health concerns, when the couple do not have the best quality gametes to offer to the treatment, then using the services of a donor is always an option. In case of bad or inadequate egg supply, they can take the assistance of egg donor or of a sperm donor in the situation of unavailability of sperms.

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Higher chances of attaining pregnancy

IVF gives the high chances of conception as opposed to the natural process as the various things that were causing impediment earlier get removed in the technical process. This increases the chances of pregnancy and make the intending parent one step closer to their dream of having a child. IVF can be used with other advanced methods such as IVF with PGD, FET, IMSI, ICSI, to eliminate the chances of risk and increasing the chances of great results in the IVF treatment.

Effects of drugs on pregnancy


Better chances of having a healthy baby

The possible causes that can affect the health of the child can be detected earlier by inspecting the embryo quality of the embryo produced as a result of the IVF treatment. PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a method for analysing the embryo for presence of any genetic abnormalities and defects in the embryo. This makes it possible to reduce the risk of a hereditary condition to taking place and increases the chances of a better health of the baby.

If you still have any doubts regarding the effectiveness of the IVF treatment, then feel free to consult with our medical tourism company- Select IVF India. Our medical travel agency is connected with the adroit fertility specialists and other medical experts having adequate experience in serving the patients with the best results in the IVF treatment. Our team at the network hospital work relentlessly to help the patient get the best IVF experience. We are known for assuring the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment as our experts perform the best procedure for the patients by analysing their health condition to find out the possible cause of infertility.

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