Mangalsutra Designs that are the Talk Of The Town

Modern Mangalsutra
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Bollywood and the Indian television literally have thrived on spinning full sagas based around this piece of Indian jewelry, the revered Mangalsutra. Bollywood Divas and celebrity brides have taken it into their stride to elevate the status of the Mangalsutra to put it in line along with designer jewelry. If you are looking to update your Mangalsutra sometime, now is the time to do it. Online shopping sites have some brilliant Mangalsutra designs for your version 2.0

The Bracelet Managalsutra

Shilpa Shetty, the Bollywood diva has been famous for setting a lot of trends and the latest feather in her cap is making popular the bracelet Mangalsutra which she was spotted adorning on her wrist recently. You can add a pendant to this bracelet style or can go the fusion way and add some Indian motif charms to it like Goddess Lakshmi’s feet or figurines of gods and goddesses. The bracelet on one hand and the watch on the other is just the right amount of accessories for a day at the office.

The Geometric Mangalsutra

This style has whacky shaped or a geometric style pendant in a string of black beads. Versatile enough to be worn with both traditional and western outfits, you can have a pendant in any shape that catches your fancy right from that of an anchor to that of a lightening shape. This style is the hot favorite among brides today who are not looking for the chunkier version of a Mangalsutra but a trendier and new age version of it.

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Go Floral

Everything in the fashion world is going the floral way and Mangalsutra designs are also following suit by incorporating a lot of floral and nature motifs in the pendant. Dainty flowers in gold and diamond joined together, make for a mesmerizing design for a pendant. In this style, the pendant is generally attached to the strings but if you feel that you want to keep the pendant only for some occasions you can have a detachable one.

Kundan, Polki, and Diamond Pendants

This one for sure isn’t meant to be worn every day and you can swap your simple Mangalsutra for this one occasionally. Half moon style is the most loved design when it comes to having a pendant made out of these precious stones. This pendant looks best when it is attached to the strings as the heavy pendant stays in place that way. If you wish you can have a few colored stones or pearls added to the pendant including semi-precious stones or precious ones like ruby and emerald. Some women also get a pendant crafted out of their birthstones for their Mangalsutra.

Pure Gold Mangalsutra

Popular in certain regions of the country, this Mangalsutra design is crafted out of pure gold and the classic black beads are missing from this one in the strings. You can symbolically add a few black beads in the pendant and you can have matching earring with this it to get the look of a necklace set.

The Indo western Mangalsutra

An elegant Mangalsutra chain having charms studded with tiny diamonds make this Mangalsutra a front runner in the top Mangalsutra designs this season. You can have charms or the alphabet of your or your husband’s name as the charm as well.

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Temple Jewelry Mangalsutra

The pendant in this one is inspired by the temple jewelry form and you have figurines of gods and goddesses as the pendant in the string of beads. Looking every bit the traditional jewelry, the temple jewelry style gives the Mangalsutra a completely different look.

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