5 Electrical Issues You Come Across at Home

electrical issues at home
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In our day to day life, we rely heavily upon electricity and electrical appliances. But we need not forget the danger that can put our lives at great risk if something is not properly installed.

Flickering lights, trips of the circuit breakers, electrical shocks and much more all indicate the possible points of concern for which we head to the electricians.

You need to take the assistance of a renowned emergency electrician North Shore Sydney to get your electrical circuits properly checked and inspected.

#1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

There are people out there who are completely unsure of the differences that are there between the safety switches and circuit breakers at home. You’re wiring and other electricals that are there in your home.

When a fault is detected the circuit is opened up by the electricians North Shore. The circuit does not provide you the protection that you seek in terms of electrical shocks.

Mainly there are three noteworthy reasons why your circuit breaker might trip.

  • The first reason lies with the circuit overload. Here you have the risk of causing a fire or an injury through overheating as this circuit carries a heavy load of electrical current.
  • The second reason lies with the fact that the trip can be caused due to short circuit. This will likely occur when a live wire is touched with the neutral one that results in higher current triggering the circuit breaker. There are several reasons that the two wires can come directly in contact with each other.
  • Circuit breakers that have been installed unknowingly or lower current ratings can also cause the breaker to trip.
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You need to well identify the reason behind the trip of the circuit breaker as this will eliminate the chance for it to happen again. If you face any issues in terms of this then you can head for an electrician lower North Shore.

#2. Frequent Power Surges

When there is any interruption it happens when there is a normal flow of electricity at home or if there is a sudden influx of electricity well into the system.

While the actual surge of electricity is generally extremely quick, the damage that it can have on your appliances can last a lot longer. The damage that it has on the appliances it can last a lot longer when there are any interruptions that can happen.

Frequent power surges can damage your electrical devices componentry and reduce their life expectancy.

To protect yourself from power surges in the home, you need surge protectors installed. There are three different types of surge protectors you can choose from:

Powerpoint surge protectors: These surge protectors are installed within the powerpoint itself, and therefore must be fitted by a qualified electrician. They protect anything that is plugged into that powerpoint.

Main switchboard: Installed by a licensed electrician at your switchboard, these surge protection devices (SPDs) protect your entire circuit from a power surge. Should a fault occur, they switch off the power to your entire home keeping you and your family safe.

#3. Buzzing/Humming Outlets and Switches

A number of issues in the home can cause outlets and switches to buzz. Some are normal and some may be an indication that there is something else going on. Generally, there is no need to worry, but if you are concerned, then call us today to complete an electrical inspection.

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#4. Electric Shocks

An electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical energy source. This electrical energy then flows through the person’s body and causes a shock.

Exposure to an electric shock can cause anywhere from no injury at all, if you’re lucky, to serious health issues and even death. It’s important to distinguish between whether you have experienced an electric shock, or simply a static shock.

#5. Higher Than Average Electrical Bills

Higher electricity bills may also be the result of old appliances or wiring within the home. Older appliances can degrade and lose their efficiency over time causing them to become large consumers of electricity.

It’s important to maintain your appliances and update them when necessary to avoid paying too much for electricity. Faulty or degrading wiring can also consume larger amounts of power as it deteriorates, just to provide appliances with the necessary amount of power.

It’s important to distinguish what may be causing this spike is power usage so that you can amend it. If you are unsure, call a 24-hour electrician North Shore today.

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