Top 5 Ways to Resolve Outlook Mailbox is Full Error

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When Outlook mailbox exceeds the storage limit then “Your mailbox has exceeded the size limit” message appears? If you are facing the same issue then, this article is only for you!

It takes a large number of e-mails until the size of the Outlook mailbox gets too large and some e-mails with huge attachments bring the boundaries so close. As soon as the size of the mailbox reaches the maximum limit, we receive warning messages such as “Outlook Mailbox Full”. These errors prevent us from sending or receiving new e-mail messages that interfere with our workflow. The problem gets more annoying when we could not ask the email administrator to allocate more disk space.

So if all the emails in your inbox are critical and you can not afford to lose them, but also want to free up space in Outlook then, here are some simple steps and techniques. These tricks will to reduce Outlook mailboxes size and resolve errors like:
• outlook mailbox is full
• outlook mailbox full but no messages
• outlook mailbox full even after archiving
• outlook mailbox full after deleting everything
• outlook mailbox full can’t delete

Step One. Verify ‘Outlook Mailbox Full Even After Archiving’ Error

After getting Outlook mailbox is full error, you must first validate the error. This is because sometimes you see messages stating that the size of the Outlook mailbox has increased and are phishing messages trying to get your credentials or other sensitive data. To check the mailbox size limit:

• Start the Microsoft Outlook E-mail client and click the File tab

Mailbox Full Outlook 2016
• Select the Info option from the opened menu list and check the Mailbox Cleanup section

outlook mailbox full

If you see that your Outlook mailbox is almost full or full (red bar), you need to continue with step 2 to fix the “Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Full” error and free up disk space.

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outlook mailbox is full

Step Two. Reduce the Size of Outlook Mailbox

If you receive the Mailbox Full Outlook 2010/2013/2016 error message daily, you must reduce the mailbox size of Microsoft Outlook. Here are some superfast techniques that you can use to downsize your Outlook mailbox for it to perform well:

Solution 1. Use the Mailbox Cleanup Utility

The Mailbox Cleanup tool is the best and first way to start reducing mailbox size. To use this tool:
• Click on the File and select Info >> Cleanup Tools and choose Mailbox Cleanup Option

outlook mailbox is full error
• Click on View Mailbox Size option to scan the Outlook mailbox size along with all the subfolders

outlook mailbox full error
• Now select the option to search for larger or older emails that you can delete directly from pruning to eliminate the Outlook Mailbox full error
• You can run AutoArchive directly for older messages according to your archive settings

outlook mailbox full archive
• Finally, check the folder size for deleted items and empty the folder

Solution 2. Save and Remove Outlook Attachments

Heavy mail attachments are the most important component that makes a mailbox grow big. Therefore, it is better to extract Outlook attachments from emails and save them to your desktop so you can access your important information later, when needed. After extracting attachments, you can delete the large emails that are making your mailbox larger, and fix the issue with Mailbox Outlook Full. Here are the guidelines for extracting attachments from Outlook emails:
• Download and install the Microsoft Outlook Attachment Extractor
• Start it and click the Open tab. On your system, select Outlook PST from which you want to extract attachments and add them to the software

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outlook mailbox full message
• Now you have three different ways to manage the folder hierarchy of the resulting attachments: folder hierarchy, folder hierarchy (subject-wise), and no folder hierarchy. Select the appropriate option

outlook mailbox full how to fix
• Click the Browse button and select a destination location on your system where you want to save the resulting attachments to fix the Outlook Mailbox Full error

outlook mailbox full but no messages
• Finally, when you click the Extract button, the extraction process for attachments begins

outlook mailbox full even after archiving

Solution 3. Compress the Size of Outlook PST

If your Outlook mailbox is not too large, but you want to reduce its size, you can choose this method to fix Outlook mailbox full-error. In this case, no emails or attachments are deleted from the Outlook mailbox, but the size of the mailbox is reduced. Here’s how to do it:
First, empty the Deleted Items folder to repair the mailbox in Outlook 2010
• In Outlook, click on the File menu
• Select Account Settings >> Account Settings

microsoft outlook mailbox full error
• On the Data Files tab, click a data file that you want to compress. Click Settings• Select Compress Now to fix the Outlook Mailbox Full Error

outlook mailbox full how to archive

Note: Do not quit Outlook immediately after compressing Outlook PST.

Solution 4. Reduce the Size of Offline Folder Table (OST)

Reducing the size of the OST file also improves the performance of the Outlook application and corrects the problem in Outlook Mailbox Full. Here are instructions for reducing the OST file size:
Note: The steps below do not delete any data items stored on the server.

• Empty the Deleted Items folder and click the Tools tab
• Click on Account Settings
• Select MS Exchange Server and click Change
• Click More Settings
• Select the Advanced menu and click Offline Folder File Settings
• Click Compact Now
outlook mailbox full solution

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Solution 5. Set Up Auto-Archive in Outlook Mailbox

Archiving older e-mail is another easy way to reduce the size of the Outlook mailbox and completely remove Outlook mailbox. These archived emails can be used as a backup copy of the Outlook mailbox and are available at any time. If you frequently receive Outlook emails with multiple attached files, it is better to use the auto-archive feature to increase the size of the Outlook mailbox because manual data archiving is prevented. To enable this feature in MS Outlook:
• Open Outlook and click Tools >> Options to fix outlook mailbox full error
• Select the Other tab and click on the Auto-Archive menu
• Select the “Automatically archive” check box. The recommended number of days in Outlook is 7 and 14

  • Click on Enable to apply the settings for all folders >> OK

microsoft outlook mailbox full solution

• In the Mailbox – Your Name section, click the Properties menu
• By default, select archive items in this folder with the default settings
• Now save the location to access later the Outlook items

Concluding Lines

Over time, our mailbox gets bigger as we regularly send and receive multiple e-mails with large attachments. Once the mailbox reaches its maximum defined limit, Outlook Mailbox Full or Mailbox Full Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 error messages will be displayed. These notifications only mean that your Outlook mailbox must be cleared for Outlook to function normally. In this article, we discussed some amazing and actually working techniques that can easily reduce the size of the Outlook mailbox without deleting the problem.

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