The Sirtfood Diet: Important Tips for Good Start

sirtfood diet
sirtfood diet
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Weight loss is the most sought after topic these days. In the pursuit to achieve effective weight loss, people these days are trying all possible means- dieting, gymming and what not? So, in this latest weight loss craze, the latest addition is the ‘sirtfood diet’. 

So what is sirtfood diet?

curtains are specific proteins present in the human body that protects the cells in our body from dying when they go through stress and are also responsible to regulate aging, inflammation, and metabolism.

Sirtuins are quite powerful and have the ability to regulate our metabolism by boosting it and burning fats. And, this is the reason, sirtfood diet is becoming a rage for weight loss aspirants. Some of the common foods that allowed or included in the sirtfood diet are apples, citrus fruits, parsley, turmeric, kale, blueberries, capers and also red wine, green tea and dark chocolate.

Sirtfood Diet tips for beginners 

The best dietitian in India, Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic says that weight loss and optimal health can only be achieved by following a healthy and well-balanced diet. Portion sizes, dietary guidelines and balanced foods are some of the tips that every dieter should take care of following any specific diet and it goes the same with sirtfood diet. Here are some dietary guidelines and tips for following the sirtfood diet:

sirtfood diet is becoming a rage for weight loss aspirants. Some of the common foods that allowed or included in the sirtfood diet
sirtfood diet is becoming a rage for weight loss aspirants. Some of the common foods that allowed or included in the sirtfood diet

Sirtfood Diet Phase 1:

Sirtfood Diet Phase 2:

The diet was continuous for the next fourteen day after the initial six days of star period. In these fourteen days, you are allowed to eat three normal meals a day enriched with sirtfood activators and glass of green juice. This is also observed as the maintenance period.

After this phase is over, whether you restart the phase and continue the cycle depends upon your dietician and your needs.

Some important points to consider:

During the diet, your meal is full of sirtfoods and does not allows other foods beside them. A big part of the diet is green juice which needs to be taken during the course of the diet. After the diet regime is over you may start the phases as often as you have the desires of further losing weight.

Many people have a common question – Are sirtfoods the new superfoods?

Studies and experts confirm that the foods that are included in the sort food diet is, in any case, healthy foods, like:

  • Green tea: is a good source of antioxidants and is good for people with diabetes and lowers the risks of having strokes. It also helps lower blood pressure.
  • Dark Chocolate: are loaded with higher contains of cocoa and helps lowering risks of developing heart diseases and fights inflammation.
  • Turmeric; is great against inflammation-related diseases.

So, sirtfoods are basically healthy foods and are the ones that effect the sirtuin levels and thereby the human health.

Though the diet is meant for weight loss and many people get hooked to the fact that sirtfood diet can get them fast weight loss, beginners should always observe precaution and consult the dietitian before starting it.

It is so because sort food diet is low in calories and is also nutritionally incomplete. There is nothing much to fear as the diet is for a shorter period, but it is always advisable to take guidance. Yet, for people with special conditions like those with diabetes, restricting calories and drinking mainly juices for a few days can cause a dangerous resurgence in their blood sugar levels.

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Another tip for beginners is that having low calories can make you feel fatigued and irritable. Also consuming low calories can make you feel heavily hungry.

Weight loss and metabolism boosting can lead you to quick and effective weight loss is a short span of time. But it is also a fact that burning and losing fat takes time and hence it is highly possible that the loss in weight is no loss in fat. It is thereby very important to consider any diet that promises fast weight loss. It could basically be loss of fluid rather than loss of fat, hence, it also has a high probability that you gain back what you have lost immediately after you are over with your diet.

Weight loss is a slow and steady process that is achieved with calories restriction and an increase in activity levels. Eating a balanced and regular meal comprising of low GI foods, fruits, vegetables, lean sources of proteins and staying well hydrated is the best and the safest way to lose weight healthily.

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