Services to Offer in the Context of Wikipedia

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Wikipedia was considered to be an online encyclopedia in early days and things have changed now in recent times and it has become a professional field due to its eruption as a content marketing platform. This is one of the things that has made us able to consider it in terms of professional services and here we have listed different services that could be offered in the content of Wikipedia.

  1. Wikipedia Researcher

These researchers are internet researchers and are specific in terms of Wikipedia as the content on Wikipedia has different requirements than other content marketing platform. Such as one of the things to care in the Wikipedia content is that you cannot put controversial topics to be included in the content and thus have to research in according to keeping this in the mind.

Wikipedia Researcher
Wikipedia Researcher
  1. Wikipedia Writers

Since Wikipedia is a content marketing platform that accepts written content and thus writers are an important entity that has to consider the final phase of the page which is why these writers have to be careful about everything they are doing. These writers are expected to write the content formally and in non-promotional tone. This is why it is said that every writer cannot be a Wikipedia writer.

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  1. Wikipedia Editor

You can be one of the Wikipedia editors for hire as well if you have a few writing skills and an idea about Wikipedia requirements and guidelines. These professionals can work on different things at the same time. They could be working on the profiling as well as on updating the information on your page and such other things that could be important for making your page to be active. These professionals could be the bridge between Wikipedia page managers and the researchers or writers.

Wikipedia Editor
Wikipedia Editor
  1. SEO experts

These professionals have been connected with Wikipedia since it has been considered as a content marketing platform. Wikipedia has allowed the page creators to have the considerations on backlinking the homepage or your website to the same. This could be really essential in content marketing purposes.

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  1. Wikipedia Page Managers and Monitors

These are people who have the most expert and experienced ideas about Wikipedia and its requirements and guidelines. They play with each of the requirement to get the ideas of clients to be integrated within the Wikipedia page. These people are of upper tier who monitor and manage the entire team along with the page. One of the most important thing that they are looking after is to prevent the page to be deleted as it is frequent for Wikipedia pages to get deleted if something is not according to the guidelines and requirements of Wikipedia. This is the reason that these positions are only acquired by people who are experienced.

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These are the services that could be offered with some basic skills and knowledge in the context of Wikipedia. So now the website that was only an encyclopedia can become your source of earning.

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