How to Recover Deleted Data from VHD File – Explore the Best Technique

recover deleted data from vhdx file
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Did your Virtual Disk get severely corrupt? Do you want to know how to recover deleted data from VHD file? Do not worry, as this post will describe the ultimate solution to restore lost, deleted, and corrupt VHD file data.

“Please help! While taking the backup of my laptop, I saved its complete data in VHD file. But unfortunately, the VHD file got corrupted. As a result, I cannot access those files now. I have tried several manual techniques, but none worked for me. Can anyone help me by providing an effective solution that will actually help me to recover deleted data from VHD file?”

“After accidentally formatting VHD file, I have lost all my files. As I have recently reinstalled my Operating System, I do not have those files on my system either. I am badly in need of data recovery from the formatted VHD file. Kindly suggest me to restore deleted data from VHDX file.”

“Hello everyone, I accidentally press the shift+delete button and delete my all data from VHD file. Now I want to recover my all data from VHD and VHDX file. Because my all data is very precious for me. Please help me and suggest me how to recover permanently deleted data from VHD file.”

Many people like these are suffering from corruption issues in their virtual disks and want to recover the lost/ deleted files. But virtual disk being a sensitive and complex gadget, it is not an easy task for a common user to retrieve corrupted VHD file. For this reason, this post will discuss the effective method of recovering deleted data from VHDX files. Besides, we will also learn about VHD file and how these can become corrupt.

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What is the VHD File?

The full form of VHD is “Virtual Hard Drive.” VHD files function as a hard drive of virtual machines. This type of files will contain everything that a physical hard disk will contain including partition and file system.

Factors that Make VHD or VHDX File Lost / Corrupt

Different situations can contribute to the corruption of VHD files. Here are some of the main reasons:

Accidental Deletion: If some files get permanently deleted by accident, then those files get lost from the virtual disk.

Sudden Shutdown: Abrupt closure of VHD file or system can cause harm to the drive and corrupt the files.

Virus Infection: Due to virus and malware attack, files stored VHF file may get lost or the drive may become corrupted.

Human Error: Human error can also be responsible deletion of an important system of VHD and therefore, its corruption.

Anti-Virus Installation on VHD: When some anti-virus software is installed on the virtual drive, the process can create issues on the virtual hard disk.

Use of Defective Hardware: If some defective hardware is connected to VHD disk, it can get corrupted and files get erased.

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How to Recover Data from VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) File

Since the VHD file contains crucial data of the users, its corruption causes great disruption in the workflow. Here, we will describe a robust application that can recover any data from VHD files. Presenting SysTools VHD Recovery Software the ultimate solution to retrieve lost, deleted, dismounted, formatted, and corrupt data. Now we are going to tell you how to recover permanently deleted data from VHD file with the help of VHD or VHDX Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install VHD Recovery software on Windows system. Launch the software and click on Add File button.recover permanently deleted data from VHD

Step 2: Browse to the location of the VHD file and select the file from which you want to recover data. While doing this, make sure to select VHD Files (*VHD) from the drop-down list of File Type. restore deleted data from vhdx file

Step 3: Choose between “Quick” and “Advance” scan mode, depending on the severity of VHD file corruption. If the partition has been deleted from the VHD file, choose Recover Deleted Partition option. recover deleted data from vhdx file

Step 4: Wait till the tool finishes scanning the VHD file and displays the root file. Select the root file and click on Explore to view all data stored in the file. The deleted partition will be marked in red color. restore permanently deleted data from VHDX file

Step 5: To restore complete data of VHD file, simply click on Save button located at the top left side of the window. If you wish to retrieve only the partial data, select the file and click on Save Selected button at the top right side. recover deleted data from VHDX file

Step 6: Now choose the destination folder to restore the data. Users can also make a new folder within the software. vhdx file recovery

Step 7: The tool will smoothly restore the recovered files and you will be able to see the live progress on the screen. Once the restoration is done, users will be notified with a message. restore deleted data from vhdx file

The Most Effective Features of VHD or VHDX Data Recovery Software

Now, we will discuss the most effective features of VHD recovery software that I mentioned below:

Why Did Not We Suggest Any Manual Method

Manual techniques are not as successful as the application we have mentioned. Also, the manual tricks are not feasible to implement on all users. For these reasons, we have mentioned only the sure-shot solution that everyone can perform for data recovery from VHD or VHDX files.


For anyone who suffers from lost files due to corruption, formatting, deletion, this post is a must-read. Here we have focused on how to recover data from VHD file. No matter what is the cause of VHD file data loss or corruption, VHD Recovery software will successfully restore all the data. The application is available both demo and full versions, so users can also try the demo version before purchasing the software license.

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