7 Responsive Web Design Strategies to Out Beat Competitors

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Why do you strive to maintain a holistically responsive website? To gain ready attention of the 3.9 billion online consumers accessing the web solely through hand-held devices?

But then this is the very approach adopted by over 80% international domains, inclusive of guaranteeing perfection, to stay in the ‘scene’. So how will you cut own ‘edge’ principally through the feature of responsiveness?

As depicts a pre-eminent website design service Singapore, 2019 is a time when –


  • for 75% of regular digital customers smooth, secured and fast browsing of a site through own smartphone or tablet stand as a ‘must’ factor,
  • over a one-third proportion of user engagement at the Internet takes place through gizmos irrespective of desktops


Now with such increasing importance of mobile-based web usage, you need to make own site something ‘more’ than just being functional at every gadget – ranging from PCs to phone.

Web Design

You require guaranteeing users the three distinctive ‘C’s of ‘Comfort’, ‘Complacency’ and ‘Cutting-Edge-ness’ and therein strengthen own scope of accomplishing that distinctive 140X ‘hike’ in website conversion Responsive Design is potent to fetch.

But, what are the very ways of facilitating these three ‘C’s? According to the most veteran web designer of Vision Web Creations, you need to evolve own site’s responsive module through some

Responsive Design Best Practices

Such as

# 1 Resorting to Flexbox

In the words of the best website design Singapore house, to succeed over the ‘Cutting-Edge’ criteria, at the prime, a responsive UI should be aptly fluid or lucid.

This definite attribute, in essence, permits you to explore varied theme backgrounds, design styles, color palates, make each browsing ‘tweak’ appear in more of rule-defying, impulsive maneuver and therein infuse into the layout a ‘zesty’ vibe.

Consequently, heightens the ‘being dynamic’ aspect of your site, instantly appealing to Gen X and bringing home real-time traffic.

Now, to perfectly maintain this quotient of ‘fluidity’ upon each sort of hand-held gadget, you require opting for Flexbox’s CSS3 tool.

It lets you to be rightfully experimental with UI designing and graphical elements, up-keep same-height, and breadth dimension and an adept balance over technical specs across gadgets and avail the latest ‘Z’ patterning of the layout if and when you wish for.

# 2 Ensuring Smoothest of Browsing

What essentially highlights a veteran website design service Singapore is that mobile web customers are always in the pursuit of result-oriented navigation that is paced-up as well.

It is the immediacy of taking a purchase decision or accessing information that stimulates them to resort to the gadget ‘staying ready’ at their hands and therein, it is expected that the site reached out will keep pace with their impulse.

And to cater to this end, attempt to maintain a surfing structure that is sleek and ultimately purpose-oriented. Assure as well that it is crystal-clear in information and swift to progress through. Delve into the best practices like –

# 3 Focus Upon Media Queries

In accordance with a cheap website design company in Singapore firm, attention to media queries stand foremost, when to guarantee that your responsive domain works at all varied screen dimensions without any glitches.

Thus, delve deep into these ground elements of CSS elements for recognizing:

  • The real-time configurational framework of devices most availed by your target market
  • How website content will actually ‘look’ upon different screen skins
  • The exact breadth measurement and resolution texture to deploy
  • Which CSS tools are required the most

# 4 A Smart & Slim Content Framework

As showcases a recent internet survey, the desire to engage with volumes of content diminishes as dwindles the screen size.

So, if to make readability both comfortable and complacent for your mobile traffic, endeavor to work closely with your content team and devise posts that are slick in texture but not compromised over the information aspect.

Contents should be crisp, with no extra ‘fat’ and direct over value-proposition. Each visitor should experience a spontaneous ‘flow’ of reading through with each line connecting to the next. Techniques of –

  • Utilizing bucket brigade words for paragraph linking
  • Highlighting vital points through bullets
  • Breaking down the entire content into short paragraphs with 12-15-word sentences

can turn out to be of your adept help in here.

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#5 Special Attention to the Call-to-Action Keys by

Devising them in a bright and colorful style (ideal being the 36dp resolution) that immediately grasps attention amidst other page features

Making sure those can be effortlessly clicked even upon the shortest screen space

Turning the buttons larger than all page elements when necessary

Always place them in the strategic page parts like Top Left, down-middle, right to center – which catch attention first

Mainly opting for the best effective shapes like spherical/rectangular/ triangle/oblong etc

# 6 Not Compromising Over Speed

Even a mere 10 seconds delay can make around 53% of your ‘mobile’ consumers reject your portal forever with the overall bounce rate heightening up to 125%. If continued, such a factor, in the perspective of an age-old website design service Singapore, can even affect your Google ranking in a negative style.

Be it over Wi-fi or data usage, attempt to make own domain ‘get visible’ within the Google-defined 3-5 seconds pace. How? Through ‘tweaks’ like:

  • Image compression by quality tools that maintain the graphical benchmark
  • Preventing from the inclusion of auto-play videos at landing page sides
  • Ruling out way-to-much of plug-in load
  • Curtailing down the CSS through CleanCSS, JavaScript Minifieretc
  • Minimizing the number of redirects – replacing SSL ‘re-direction’ by HSTS
  • Engaging in the practice of Browser Caching
  • Maintaining the total site size under 1MB

As a collective effect, your uploading pace guaranteed-ly heightens by 30%.

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#7 Test the Prototypes

Be alert that interruption during browsing, plug-in malfunctioning or page getting stuck and accident crashing of the site contribute to making your brand integrity ‘flawed’ to over 48% of regular mobile customers.

Prevent that having own portal tested at varied devices of real-time customers against real-life scenarios. Assess-

  • Actual functionality standard of the responsive UI at multiple gizmos
  • Workability of every included plug-in and CTA at each individual screen
  • Site’s attunement with different prominent browsers
  • Possibilities of it getting crashed or unresponsive
  • How much of actual smoothness and swiftness is being experienced during navigation

May your commerce accomplish the best of response from each visitor to the website.

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