6 Things to Know when Travelling to Goa with a Baby

Travelling Goa
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If you are looking forward to enjoying a fun Goa holiday with a baby on board, this is the guide you should refer to. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Goa with a baby.

Traveling with a baby is fun. All you need to do is some planning ahead of time.

Is Goa Right Place?

A lot of people will raise their eyebrows the moment you tell them you wish to take your baby to Goa. Is it really the right place to go with a breastfeeding/formula feeding baby? Well, you can definitely visit Goa with a baby. You can party hard, attend casino, and try out local cuisine and much more – all with a baby!

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A Villa Stay

Goa Villas

A villa stay will be the best option when you holiday in Goa with a baby. There are many luxury Goa private pool villas you can choose from. They provide you with a comfortable stay especially, if you have a baby along. These are super baby-friendly, offer babysitting services and baby amenities on request. Speak to the staff or management about the facilities before booking. You should also go for one that has all of the basic amenities with easy access to the kitchen. This will make it easier for you to prepare baby food and sterilizing bottles.

Dry Food

Dry Fruits

With a baby, it is important that you keep dry food handy all the time. For babies above 6 months of age, cottage cheese, boiled potato, raw fruits, and baby food (Cerelac) handy all the time. Packaged food makes traveling easier.


Do not forget to take a stroller wherever you go. Strollers will help you take your kids around while going to the beaches, restaurants, etc. The stroller will also be helpful in carrying your diaper bag, comforter, snacks, towels, etc. With this tool handy, you can keep your hands free!

Be Careful at the Beach Shacks

Beach Shacks

It is better to hit the beach and avoid visiting the shacks. Beach shacks not child-friendly. They are jam-packed with people smoking hookah and cigarettes. Inhaling smoke is not good for the baby. If you find a family friendly shack with kids, you may visit those. Restaurants and cafes are better options.

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Partying with Baby

A visit to Goa cannot be complete without parties. So is it possible to hit a casino or a club? Yes, absolutely! However, you must call them up beforehand and inform that you have a baby. Deltin Royale is a great place to be. Reach the place by 8:00 pm. Before the kid’s room is occupied. The kid’s room here is furnished with baby cots and beds. You may carry your own sheets for hygiene. You can also get a caretaker. They will give you a call if your baby gets cranky, cries or has difficulty managing.

Some Other Helpful Tips

  • Carry a good amount of disinfectant hand wipes and/or hand gel.
  • Eat Safe
  • Use sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • Always carry a first aid kit. This should include band-aids, tweezers, antiseptic wipes/ointment, age-appropriate pain/fever medicine, thermometer, and stomach/anti-diarrhea medicine, diaper rash ointment and prescription medicines.
  • Always carry your baby’s favorite blanket or toy. This will help the baby sleep better.
  • Keep the baby close with you crowded places.
  • In case, the child gets sick, do not wait or refer to over the counter medications. Seek the advice of a doctor without delay. Most hotels will recommend a reputed doctor, hospital, or a medical clinic nearby where you can take your child.
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