6 Editing Tools for Video Creation to Try

6 Editing Tools for Video Creation to Try
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The question I am asked most often when I say what job I do, or when someone attends the creation of a video, is: but with what do you mount it?

For those who are not in the sector or not aware of it, it is a legitimate question! But since it is very frequent, I decided to write this post where I list the software for editing, so as to guide you in choosing the one that best suits your needs.

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Before starting, I immediately do with a disclaimer: editing is only part of making a video. To create one you should work on it, starting with the initial script and then turning it with the right tools. Editing is important, but it is only a piece of a much broader context.

That being said, below I will list the 6 most famous software, from the simplest to the most professional which mostly top corporate video production companies in Dubai are using for editing

Here are 6 of the best editing software’s

1. Windows Photos

Windows Photos

Directly in the app photos of Windows 10, it is integrated software for video editing: allows quick and easy editing, where you can enter text, audio, and 3D effects.

Furthermore, all the basic video settings such as resolution and aspect ratio can be set intuitively.

It’s completely free and comes pre-installed on every copy of Windows 10, so if you use a PC you probably already have it. You can’t install it on MacOS.

2. iMovie


It’s the lite version of its big brother Final Cut Pro, and it’s the most complete free pre-installed software you can find on a computer. It has everything you need to develop basic editing: you can cut, resize, apply effects and transitions and export it to the main formats and extensions.

All in a clean, modern and intuitive interface with advanced features for free software such as video stabilization and animation.

It is already pre-installed on all Apple Macs, i.e. with MacOS on board. It is not available for Windows.

3. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

A video editing software for those who are approaching professional editing, having the chance to touch more complex instruments and remain in a friendly environment.

You’ll get professional-looking content thanks to the countless effects and transitions available to you that you can modify in two clicks.

It’s free and all features are unlocked (including GPU acceleration), however you need to purchase the license to remove the watermark being exported. It is however much more convenient than other software.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

In his resume, he contributed to the creation of Agents of Shield, Blindspot and Modern Family. This software is highly appreciated in all areas for its versatility in color correction: the control is very precise and even allows the processing of HDR files.

Although it is very powerful, it lacks in the editing tools that I find not very robust and sometimes a bit limiting, besides the export does not offer all the range of extensions that I would expect from a top of the range software.

Big plus: the free version offers all the basic tools needed for editing with all the power of the program. The full version unlocks 3D features, filters and LUTs.

Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux at the price of 239 euros for the full version.

5. Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC

It is the most used software in the commercial field for its diffusion and therefore the ideal in situations of collaboration.

The timeline is divided into several lines, each dedicated to a different type of file, so going to modify a part will not affect the other.

It is perfectly integrated into the Adobe suite and in fact interacts with After Effects rather than Illustrator or Photoshop: this allows a continuous exchange of files between the various programs in a single ecosystem.

The negative note is that this software, besides being rather difficult to use, is very heavy and has really many, too many functions among which one gets lost to find a specific one. Furthermore, as it requires a lot of power to run smoothly, on low and medium specific machines, it will struggle to remain efficient.

6. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

He has contributed to making films like X-MEN and 300 and it is the software that I personally use due to its immediacy: compared to other editors, in fact, editing is much faster and the magnetic timeline makes it possible to never leave a black space between one clip and the other.

Its greatest strength lies in the fluidity, file management and very accurate fidelity between the timeline product during editing and the final product exported without waiting for rendering problems.

Furthermore, the Keyframe allows the creation of small video animations without having to open a motion graphics software.

Some advanced tools are missing that we find on other software such as motion blur and motion tracking, which can be obtained by downloading plugins.

Here, now that you know which software to use to edit your videos, start making your own right away! Leave your achievements below and write down which of the software you used!

Remember that videos provide the opportunity to work on your brand reputation, how much and how the name of a brand, product or service is appreciated on the web; thus affirming the validity, truthfulness and consistency of the company itself.

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