How to Travel Despite Unemployment?

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Travelling defines the world around you in its actual and purest form. The knowledge you get from books, internet etc. is nothing but the reflection of the real world. What else way can be better to understand this planet than travelling? However, this needs considerable financial investment.

From hotel bookings, flight bookings to food and sightseeing, nothing can be avoided. After all, what is the use of travelling if you miss the important elements of a good trip? But the biggest issue arises when you want to travel during unemployment. The first and foremost concern arises about money. Obviously, without a job, there is no regular income, when even basic expenses become monstrous in size then how to even think about travelling?

Some ways may help

Not everything that looks impossible is actually impossible. Few hopes are always there to accompany most of the situations. Your dream or desire to travel even after job loss is not unachievable with the help of the following ways.  

Bring that piggy bank habit back in action

Sounds weird? Childish? Impracticable? But to be practical, it is not. If you are a person with a natural inclination for travelling, then keep doing some savings despite no job. To make your ends meet, maybe you are doing a freelance job, living on unemployment benefits, taking help from family or friend. Whatever source you have, just try to take out some money to feed your outdoorsy soul.

A true traveller never runs after lavish and extravagant trips

Travelling is not a luxury, it is, in fact, an opportunity to see the world and gather important experiences. It is that biggest classroom that teaches those lessons, which you can never learn in a school or even in the renowned universities. Just keep things simple and try to travel with minimum money. Why stay in a 5 or 7-star hotel always, guest house or an inexpensive lodge is also advisable. In fact, while travelling from the train, if you need to catch another train then why to take a hotel. The waiting rooms at railway stations can be an affordable roof to spend the time.

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A true traveller never runs after lavish and extravagant trips
A true traveller never runs after lavish and extravagant trips

No need to buy a water bottle always, keep one with you and refill it time to time. While eating in a restaurant you can fill the bottle with the water in your glass. Keep the luggage light, don’t put a big lot of clothes and other things. Your concern should be exploring places and not wearing clothes for a selfie photo shoot. A medium sized backpack is fine; you can hang it on the shoulder and can walk easily. No need to take a taxi, that saves money.

Look for travel competitions or sponsored travels online

This may sound crazy but hey! Everyone gets a tag of ‘crazy’ while chasing his/her dreams. If travelling is something that you want to do from the deepest desire of your heart then obviously, you have to explore the opportunities.

sponsored travels online
sponsored travels online

At least try, maybe not every time you have good luck but that should not stop you from keep trying. To search such opportunities, follow the travel writers and pages on Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. and keep a keen eye on their latest posts. The moment the opportunity appears, just grab it.

How about travelling as a volunteer?

This trend is not so common in practice, but it is certainly useful advice for those who are intensely in love with travelling. If you are not familiar with this thing, it is a kind of barter system, in which you travel for a purpose or a work assigned by the company, NGO, foundation, organisation etc. For instance – A company wants to get some information about the farms of Italy, UK, France etc. or maybe an NGO wants to get some data on the quality of rural education in a certain part of the country. This kind of travelling is accompanied by different experiences. Sometimes the organisation/company provides food and stay while sometimes; they also offer money for the work. Prioritise on your discretion however, for a true traveller, this difference doesn’t matter much.

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If repay capacity allows, why not take a loan?

Unemployment benefits, your own savings, help from the near and dear ones, if all these are there to help, then try to dare for a loan. Not many but there are some loan choices online for the jobless people. Obviously, the search for the new job is going on with the travelling work, soon the monotonous routine of employed days are sure to come back.  Your desperation is to live the few left days with a passion for travelling.

capacity allows, why not take a loan
capacity allows, why not take a loan

Fine, borrow payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders; these are online, instant and 24×7 available. Search deep as several lenders are there in the queue. Loan Palace, Payday Loans Now, Peachy etc. are some of the names. One important thing, do not take the decision in haste and compare the lenders and their policies. APR, tenure, repayment plans are important factors to choose the most affordable and flexible deal.  

Bring out the traveller in you and let it explore its own way. You are sure to get some ways to materialise and live your dream of travelling irrespective of employment status.

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