Phishing Threat – Information You Need To Know To Be Secure Online

Phishing Threat
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There is no doubt that the internet has brought about a change in your daily life. For example, remember the days, when your grandfather took you to the bank as a five-year-old to withdraw money. Now, you can transfer or receive money online. The same applies to every activity. Do you work in night shift? When you reach home, there is no energy left in your body to go to a hotel. Now, take your mobile and order food to be delivered at your doorstep. But are there only advantages in making payments online? You bet. There are evil minds lurking in the dark shadows of the internet who want to swindle your hard earned money of the bank account. How can they do it? The process is called Phishing and in this article, you get to know about every type of phishing threat and the ways to remain secure while online.

What is Phishing Threat?

In short, it is a fraudulent activity. In this process, a person with evil intentions takes the identity of a bank official or any agent either via calls or emails. He/she makes use of emails to install spyware on your computer/laptop. Then the confidential information stored in your device can get transferred to the hacker. Then, your money will also get transferred to another account.

This activity is getting famous with most cybercriminals opting for phishing. The main reason, it is easy to trick someone into revealing their credentials. Now consider the other way around. They need to possess special skills to break into defense systems of banks or other financial corporations to siphon off the money.

How Does Phishing Threat Occur?

In a normal situation, phishing usually works by means of social media, text messages, SMS, all types of messaging options. Usually, phishing activities occur in electronic communication methods.

Similar to hackers, even the Phishing agent is also a smart technical guy. Before picking up a victim, they check his/her information on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is to gain information regarding personal details and work credentials. Then when they make a call taking the identity of a bank executive, your details are revealed in a proper way to gain trust. They then cajole you to divulge information regarding the online bank details.

Email Phishing

How Does A Phishing Threat Email Look?

Have you ever got a phishing email that seemed to be from the bank? For example, let us imagine you are working as an account executive with a company which offers bike repair service in a Mumbai area. Your company has entered into a partnership with a start-up which provides reputed bike servicing in Mumbai at the customer’s doorstep. Now, you are responsible for making the payments online to your company mechanics.

One day, you receive an email from a bank on your company email. The email states to change your password. Now it also has a link. Since you know about phishing, you recheck the bank name and the website details. That is when you find that the bank name has a spelling mistake.

email containing sypware


The email content is very professional and has the best of English words. It contains every word similar to a perfect reputed Nationalized Bank email. But the link (please note – you should never click the link). The link may take you to a website which has the same features as the National Bank. Now, the website is controlled by the hacker. When you log in to the website, using the password, the hacker gets to know them. Now, he/she is only at an arm’s distance to swindle the money of your company bank account.

Voice Phishing Threat

This type of phishing happens in two ways. One is by giving discounts on the call, and the other is by getting the credentials of bank account via a call. You can get a call from a person stating that you have won a large award from a new multinational company. To get the reward, you have to go to the website, log in with your bank details and click some links. You follow the instructions to the T, and your money gets vanished. Forever.

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The Second Type of Voice Phishing

Very often, phishing occurs by this method. You get a call from a person (he or she) stating they are the executives of a bank. Now, they will tell that your credit card/debit card is about to expire and you need to revise the dates. Then they will make you divulge the online PIN number. If you say IT, then they can easily log onto your bank details and siphon off the money.

The email can contain logos and other graphics similar to a bank or financial institution.

Types of Phishing Threat

Okay, we have the guys with evil intentions, but there are also souls who want to do good to mankind. There are many cybersecurity professionals, anti-virus software, anti-spyware and every program to prevent you from phishing, but the criminal minds are smart. They just hone their skills and look for another way to rip you off the hard-earned money. In this article on Phishing threats, let us look into the types.

A. Spear Phishing Attacks

Usually, phishing occurs at random when it is done via calls or email. But this type of phishing is targeted at one person. So, the hacker works on the details of the victim, his/her work details, personal life and then sends the email or makes the call. In short, the call or voice should look or appear authentic. So, the person will be holding a responsible position in a company where he is given authority to give permission to transfer huge amounts of money.



B. Whaling Phishing Attack

The next step higher than spear phishing attack. Similar to the above-mentioned phishing type, this attack is targeted at only senior professionals in an organization. Then, an email will go from the attacker to a junior in the organization to transfer money to another account. The email is of the hacker and is a duplicate of the senior professional in the organization.




C. Pharming Threat

The hacker uses dubious means to lure the victim to a false website which resembles the original website of a bank or financial institution. Once the victim logs in with the credentials, then the hacker gets the password and the money gets siphoned off to another account.

D. Clone Phishing Threat

In this type, the attacker who used phishing makes use of an email from a bank or financial institution to make a copy. Then it is sent to the victim with a link replacing that of the bank link with the attacker’s link. Spyware or other files can also be sent as attachments with the email to steal confidential information. If the spyware gets installed in your computer, then the control of your system is in the hacker’s hands.

SMS phishing


E. SMS Phishing Threat

You must have known by now, the process behind this type. You get an SMS to your mobile from an unknown number claiming from a bank. It directs you to another website which is a replica of the original bank. You log the credentials and the money is lost.


So, this is the article on Phishing threat and its types. Hope you got valuable information by reading the content. There is also another way to prevent the transfer of information from your laptop. Prevent spyware installation in your system. Let us take an example. You have a laptop in your Pune home. The entire family makes use of this device. The children use it for playing games and for their educational projects. Of late, your spouse wants to use the laptop for making payments.

Since you are a software engineer, it is ideal to have knowledge of phishing. So, you wanted to install a proper anti-spyware in your system. When you check the laptop, there is already spyware installed in the system. You install the free spyware but cannot remove it. That is, the situation needs the services of a computer repair expert. The best way to get the best expert skilled in computer repair service in Pune is to check in the app of home appliance companies who provide doorstep services in the city. Check for the best pro near your home, make him come to the place at your own time and let him fix the problem. Since he is a qualified professional, the job will be done in quick time.

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