How Open Source Tools are Aiding Counter Cyber-Criminals

Cyber security
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The internet is full of threats and vulnerabilities, it is high-time to stay protected from these threats, and this is where cybersecurity comes into place. The cybersecurity community has long been relying on open-source tools to fight malware. The usage of these tools helps researchers analyze defense techniques against a security breach.

Open-source tools are used to understand the behavior of malware and also give a fair understanding of their trend. Moreover, they aid researchers to track hackers and document their behavior. This provides additional insights into malware developers and gives researchers the chance to trace their footprints.

The trend shows that attackers with malicious intent are showing their interest in these open platforms. A report by Fortinet Threat Landscape identified that cyber adversaries are showing a keen interest in open-source malware tools to modify their criminal activities.

Cyber criminal evelopers also have an ROI economic model and have competition with their legitimate counterparts. These criminals tend to find a setup that is prebuilt. It helps them to avoid the hassle to build one from scratch. Open-source tools that are hosted on a sharing website are most likely to be used by attackers.

Many tools are openly shared on different platforms to be exploited, such as;

  •         Hidden Tear Ransomware

Under this project, decryption is done for all encrypted files. Although it is a great tool for security professionals, it has been noted that it is also used by script kiddies to infect devices and blackmail for payments.

Hidden Tear Ransomware
Hidden Tear Ransomware
  •         Android Backdoor Malware
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It is a shell script that helps to add APK files. There are a lot of steps from being a potential victim or to have an unsigned application from a malicious attacker, but this tool showcases all vulnerabilities in Android. Since the newer version of malware may seem complex but thanks to open code which simplifies and refines them over time making the job easy for cyber activists.

  •         Windows Open Source Malware

This open source ransomware kit showcases communication over tor protocol. Although the authors of this open code did not have any malicious intent, just like any other tool it is misused by criminals. This code is widely used by anti-viruses, but it still has some loopholes which can be used for malicious intent.

Cybercriminals Open Source Strategy

Cybercriminals are so eager to turn open source tools against the run of play for security enthusiasts. They intend to circumvent the security system and evade malware detection just as they did with SSL/TLS encryption and now they target open source tools.

Attacks are adopting a unique strategy; they are finding and attacking unique targets so that they face fewer security hurdles. Targeting unique niche, they can easily penetrate their networks and propagate with little resistance.

Cybercriminals Open Source Strategy
Cybercriminals Open Source Strategy

This growing challenge is a dire task for organizations to identify threats and deploy fully automated security solutions. Employing advanced threat protection ranging from sandboxing to threat intelligence will widen an enterprise’s chance to combat cybercriminals.

Open Source Security Advantages

Developers rely heavily on open source platforms since they feel equally comfortable with major open source projects and have large groups that maintain and keep an eye on the coding 24/7. Another security advantage of these source codes is that if there is any problem the company can fix it immediately.

Another advantage of using open source software is that it has a fully optimized online community which is growing rapidly. Having a community brings more sustainability to the platform and helps keep the software updated. It is time to stop open source weapons infiltrate into the most complex security checkpoints otherwise biggest threats of this decade will soon reach new highs.


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Open Source platforms were made to give robust support to ensure cybersecurity. However, with time this platform has been started to misuse by cybercriminals. Fraudsters look up to this platform as a base for their head start for the criminal activity.

It is time to take better decisions and make a response mechanism to deal with the escalating threats triggered by open source platforms.

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