Latest Lipstick Trends to follow for Business women

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Lipsticks are one of the most frequently used makeup products. Every woman has hundreds of them. The collection keeps on increasing depending upon the changing trends. Every new color gives a new look to your personality. Lipstick boxes play an important role in adding to the beauty of your product. They provide maximum protection to the delicate items. Custom lipstick boxes increase the visibility of your brand and make it popular for a number of customers. New trends attract everyone. If you want to be at the top of the beauty game, never miss any of the latest trends. As you surf the Internet or talk with friends, you will get to know what is ruling the beauty industry. Below are some of the latest lipstick trends to follow for businesswomen:

Blotted velvet lip texture dominates every makeup look. If you do not want to pass on matte, use a softer, air-brushed like approach to go instead. Brands like ColorPop and Glossier, offer blotted lipsticks so you do not need to mess with tissue papers and brushes.

  • Bullets Are Back:

After the years of the trend of liquid lipstick domination, the bullets are back. Various top brands like Kylie Jenner’s have started introducing bullets with a creamy hydrating formula. The product is a big success and can be sold in minutes.

Although the metallic makeup was common from the last few years, metallic lipsticks are gaining trends these days. You can wear it above any of your favorite colored lipstick. Use it subtly by giving a little shot of it. The metallic shimmer is perfect enough to glow your lips. Some business women like to choose a bold shade with a frosted, glittery look. Lipstick packaging wholesale highlights various aspects of the nature of lipstick and its shade.

Every time the trend goes to the extreme like super-matte lipsticks. Now the trend has moved towards glossy lips. Matte lipstick dehydrates the lips very soon. The glassy gloss seals the lips from dehydrating. Although the gloss may not stay for long you will enjoy your glossy lips as far as it lasts.

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  • Lipstick with no edges:

If you typically speak for lipstick trends, lipstick with no edges is the latest trend of the year. It focuses less on perfecting your lining skills. It gives rise to a soft, blurred edge. Imagine the look of your lips after eating or drinking something. This trend is to avoid those half-stains. Lipstick without edges looks great in bright colors like pink and corals. You can read the color details on custom lipstick packaging to find a perfect match.

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It is the season of bold lips. Don’t be afraid of trying dark shades to get a dramatic look. Cherry Bomb is the best color to invest this year. It can be given a matte look as well as a glossy one. It is suggested to apply a shiny lip gloss on the lower lip. It gives an awesome glowing look together with slicked black hair.

  • Powder-Coated Lipstick:

It’s the biggest trend, especially for business women. Powdered lipsticks are another version of matte lipsticks. These are diffused powder-coated lipsticks. They help you in attaining such a level of color and density which is not possible by any traditional formula. The reddish-orange shade is the most popular in the category. It gives a warm and flattering look. The powder-dry texture feels similar to a non-shiny lip-balm. It also works well on darker skin tones. The lipstick boxes with logo help you to identify the brand which offers powder-coated lipsticks.

Nude lip color is an emerging trend to give a bold look to business women. It’s similar to a natural lip tone slightly more pigmented. It can be toned down or exist in intense colors according to your personality. It matches perfectly with the same colored eye makeup. Nude lip colors are designed to flatter different skin tones. Lighter shades compliment fair skin, while stronger shades are for dark skin tones. Apply it on the center of the lips and tap it toward the edges to achieve a perfect look.

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  • Going Coral:

Not just the people at Pantone pick coral as a trendy shade of the year, but the color standout at New York’s Fashion Week. The color gives an intense look with a flatter finish. The lipstick boxes are designed in a way to complement the product. Coral color paired with minimal eyes and glossy cheeks gives a perfectly modern look. It is perfect to be carried out by businesswomen. It is recommended to apply the color with a finger to get a stained effect. Red-coral is a statement-making color for cool skin tones. It gives a brighter look than other shades. Pink-coral is another at the top of the list.  It is made according to an intensely pigmented formula which prevents the lips from drying.

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