How Backlinks Affect Your Website’s SEO

Backlinks Affect Your Website's SEO
Backlinks Affect Your Website's SEO
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Backlinks are the outbound hyperlinks which connects a website with another website. Search Engine Optimization or Seo gained popularity in the 90s. All search engines use algorithms to position websites in SERPs. You must be wondering what SERPs means. SERPs is a term which means search engine result pages. For instance, a series of closest results appear on the computer screen when you type a word or phrase in the search box of your browser. Websites use the techniques of Search Engine Optimization or Seo to move up in the search engine rankings. In this post, I will explain to you how backlinks effect on Seo of a domain.

  1. Do you really need Backlinks for your Website Ranking?

You must be wondering what other websites have to do with the content on my domain. Let me give you an example to clear your mind about the concept of backlinks. For example, you posted a recipe for an amazing cake on your blog. In your recipe, you used a unique recipe for the frosting of the cake. A few days later another website posted a recipe of a cake. They used your recipe for the frosting of the cake. At the end of their post, they posted the link of your website to share the original recipe with their audience. You need acknowledgment and appreciation from another website. This acknowledgment will validate the authenticity of the content on your website. Search engines consider these tokens of appreciation while assigning a ranking to websites in SERPs. If a domain or webpage has a high number of backlinks, search engines consider it a trustworthy source for the users. Search engines do not have any personal preferences as we do. They read the backlinks linked to a website or a webpage to give best results the users.

Backlinks for your Website
Backlinks for your Website

Value of backlinks now you know the value of backlinks and you are determined to earn them for your website. Keep this in your mind that backlinks are like valuable tokens in the world of Seo. You cannot buy backlinks from a seller, you have to earn them through hard work and dedication. The only way to get backlinks is to publish high-quality content more frequently. There are some sites which claim to provide backlinks in bulk quantity. Do not try to use these resources because these shady resources are marked as spam by search engines.


  1. Types of Backlinks

All backlinks do not possess the same value in terms of search engine optimization. You can make 3 categories of the backlinks according to their worth in terms of Seo. Each category of backlinks has a different impact on the Seo of a website. Let us have a deep insight into these categories of backlinks.

  1. High Authority Backlinks

If the content of a domain is acknowledged by a website which has high ranked in SERPs, Google considers it a positive indicator. It is like getting words of appreciation from a person who has already made a mark in his field. High authority backlinks are very hard to earn but they made a huge difference in DA and PA of a website. To achieve your goal of a high DA and PA for your website you should aim at gaining backlinks from high authority websites.

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  1. Low Authority Backlinks

For a new domain, every single backlink is valuable. Whenever a backlink is added into the link profile of a website it is a move towards high ranking in SERPs. But you have to understand that each backlink does not hold the same value. The value of the backlink depends upon the source it belongs. A backlink from the low authority website or blog does not have a greater value. You can say that a low authority backlink will not cast a major impact on the ranking of your website in SERPs.

  1. Spammy or Bad Backlinks

Google uses the Penguin algorithm to keep an eye on the link profiles of domains. You should not buy backlinks from Fiverr or any link network. These resources sale huge quantity of backlinks at a very cheap rate. These backlinks may cost a dime at first but they damage your link profile in the long run. If any domain is found with a huge number of spammed backlinks, Google will penalize it. I will advise you to monitor every single backlink you earn. Most of the Russian and Chinese websites are classified as spam by Google.

Spammy or Bad Backlinks
Spammy or Bad Backlinks
  1. Why Backlinks are so difficult to earn?

Patience is the key to get high authority backlinks because they do not come overnight to a website. Years of hard work and dedication publishing good quality content brings the backlinks for your website. If a website holder tries to buy these beauties from another resource, search engines will mark it spam. Instead of high ranking in SERPs, these spammy links could penalize your website. So there is no reliable shortcut to earn backlinks. Low authority backlinks do not add greater value to the DA and PA of your website. But they are still better than the spammy backlinks. In other words, backlinks are like high-quality spice which takes years to grow and you cannot reap its benefits if mishandled.


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  1. How can I Generate Backlinks?

From the first day, you should make a strategy to get backlinks for your website. Earning backlinks may be a hard task but it is not an impossible one. From my experience, I will suggest you take the following measures.

  • Keyword Oriented Content: If you aim at making big in the Seo world, you should focus on publishing keyword oriented articles. Your website should target your niche and audience through the content.
  • Feedback about the Content: Audience feels more connected to the sites where publishers interact with them. You should enable the comment section to interact with your audience.
  • Infographics are your Best Friend: Information which is explained virtually attracts more eyes. You should use colorful charts and clippings in your content. Whenever another website will desire to use your infographics you will earn a backlink.

    I Generate Backlinks

I hope these techniques will help you out in getting backlinks. If you are a newbie in Seo, you may get a headache about backlinks. I warned you to avoid using the shady resources to get backlinks but I know a tool which generates high authority backlinks for their clients. Backlink maker at Prepostseo provides a combination of two types of backlinks ie. do-follow and no-follow backlinks. No-follow backlinks do not pose any threat to the Seo of a website. Prepostseo provides a good number of no-follow backlinks which are safer to use for the websites.s

It has a convenient and easy to use format for the users. Type or paste the URL of your website and Prepostseo backlink maker will provide backlinks for all the webpages of your website.

Look at the number of the results, backlink maker at Prespostseo gives you a limited number of results. Why? Because these backlinks belong to trustworthy sources. Unlike the shady resources, it does not overload your website with the spam links. You will get only a few backlinks in comparison to spammed sources. These backlinks will comply with the nature of your website. I got 51 results for my demo experiment. The sudden inclusion of hundreds of backlinks makes the search engines suspicious.

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However, orlando seo services always follow the google instructions for the website rank

My final word

I will suggest you work hard for your website and audience. Your hard work will eventually pay off at some point in your Seo career. If you decide to use a backlink maker, make sure the backlinks come from a trustworthy source.


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