How Can I Make My Long Flight More Enjoyable?

Long Flight Enjoyable
How Can I Make My Long Flight More Enjoyable 720*90
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Flying in economy seats can be a problem, especially in smaller aircraft where legroom is limited. But just because you are tied to your place. You do not have to feel uncomfortable. Some basic tricks will make your journey easier and long flight enjoyable.

When I embark on a new journey, the flight itself is an experience in itself. Personally, I love flying, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. That’s why I’ve put together some of the best tips for travel, I’ve learned to give you a long flight enjoyable!

  1. Strategically Attract:

Layers are the key to long flight enjoyable. You never know how hot or cold it will be on the plane. Wear clothing that is easy to take off. Soft, breathable clothing like sweatshirts and cotton T-shirts help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Avoid wool, tight clothing or scratches. There is nothing worse than feeling itchy in a confined space.

  1. Wear the right shoes:

Keep away from high heels or chunky boots when flying. You want shoes that are not only comfortable, but also easy to put on and take off, so you can easily get through the safety. Once you’re on the plane, take off your shoes. On flights, your feet swell. Wear socks or a pair of slippers so your feet can breathe.

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  1. Bring earplugs:

Turn off crying babies and chattering passengers with a good pair of earplugs. With your newly discovered silence, lunchtime can finally become a reality.

  1. Pack a light snack:

Small healthy food hacks are a good helper when flying. Consider baby carrots, trails, fruits or something else that can easily be stored in a plastic bag. Avoid anything that is greasy and makes you lethargic. Also, keep spicy food at home. Your neighbors will thank you.

  1. Check in early:

Remove stress from your list by checking in early. Checking in online before you drive to the airport will save you time in the queue and you can choose your seat in advance.

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  1. Choose the correct seat:

Everyone has their own preference of where to sit, but that does not mean that all seats are the same. Larger aviators should get themselves a gangway on which they can spread more easily, while naps want a window seat, so they are not disturbed by neighbors who need to use the toilet. All passengers, however, should try to grab a seat closer to the front of the plane – the back is plagued by engine noise and bathroom smell.

  1. Hydrate:

Skip the coffee or soda and get some water. The caffeine and sugar only cause a crash that makes you more tired and dehydrated than before. In addition, the air in the cabin is known to be dry: Humidity is usually 10 to 20 percent, compared to 30 to 65 percent in a typical room. This dries out your eyes and skin, leaving itching and discomfort. Do not be afraid to ask the flight attendants for more water!

  1. Empty your pockets:

When you try to settle in your seat, you need something that pushes you into your page. Unload the contents of your bags into the seat pocket in front of you for a smooth ride. If you are worried about forgetting your belongings, bring a small bag to store it in.

  1. Listen to a relaxing mix:

Before boarding, choose an airplane playlist and upload your smartphone or MP3 player. Quiet music or asleep podcast will help you feel better during the flight. On shorter flights, it can be fun to create a playlist of music to inflate to take you on vacation. Some people prefer music that is directly related to the city they want to visit.


  1. Use the pillow and the blanket:

Most airlines provide pillows and blankets for a long flight enjoyable, so you can use them! But it’s wise to bring a neck pillow or sweatshirt that you can roll up to rest. Just in case no pillow is available.


Long flight enjoyable are usually freezing cold! Make sure you bring appropriate clothing so it does not get too cold! Decent airlines will give you blankets and pillows, but low-cost airlines will not give you the same treatment. On long-haul flights, you may sometimes get stickers from airlines to let you know. 

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