5 Simple Ways to Make Healthier Food Choices

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The path to a healthier lifestyle is dependent upon the choices you make. If you are regularly eating unhealthy food, do not complain of ill-health. However, if you are rigorously following a healthy diet, you will naturally adopt a healthy lifestyle as well. If you combine your food with some form of exercise, you can rest assured that no disease can harm you.

Nevertheless, many people still complain that they avoid junk food and only eat food that is prepared inside their homes. Also, they regularly exercise but still end up suffering from various diseases or conditions including obesity, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases and more. The answer to their complaints is simple –homemade food is not necessarily healthy, nor is the exercise you are doing.

What you eat and drink and how you exercise dictates your health. Eating homemade food that is rich in carbohydrates alone, while you ignore fresh vegetables and fruits entirely, you cannot call it a healthy diet. Likewise, no matter how hard you exercise after eating such an unbalanced and unhealthy food, you cannot reap the benefits that you wanted to.

Therefore, today, in this article, we suggest you 5 simple ways through which you can make healthier food choices.

1.     Grains

First, opt for products that contain whole grains. Repeat this sentence repeatedly until you start only opting for products that contain whole grains. Whole-wheat flour, whole-grain cereal, and whole-grain bread are a perfect example of foods rich in grains. The advantage of eating whole-grain products is that they are low in fats but high in fiber.

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Moreover, these foods stay longer in your body; therefore, you will not feel hungry repeatedly, which help you to avoid overeating. Products that have the word ‘enriched’ written on them do not have the same nutrients as whole-grain products.

2.     Avoid Certain Foods

Foods which are rich in fats or contain added sugar must be avoided if you plan to become healthy. Steaks, ribs, cakes, chocolates, and similar food must be only eaten occasionally. The reason behind avoiding such foods is that they contain calories which are more than 50% fat. Therefore, if you make such foods a part of your regular diet, you are committing a grave injustice against your body.

3.     Fruits and Vegetables

Many people fail to understand the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Many people avoid vegetables in their diet and opt for meats and fish alone. It is an extremely unhealthy choice that will have an impact on your health as you get older.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

The perfect situation is that at least of your dish must contain vegetables. Likewise, include fruits in your main course or side dishes. It will help you to maintain a balanced diet. Interestingly, many grocery platforms are now offering ready to cook meal packs that contain ingredients in balanced quantities to meet the body’s entire nutritional requirements in one meal.

One such app is Weebly, which offers meal packs designed by nutritional experts. Weebly is an online grocery app in Dubai that offers customers a wide variety of grocery products to its customers.

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4.     Exercise

We are not asking you to become a gym freak and spend hours and hours of your time in the gym, picking up unnecessary weights or stretching your body beyond your limits. A moderate physical activity of 2 to 3 hours in a week is enough. You can opt for jogging, running, badminton, swimming or any similar exercises and sports.

Protein and exercise
Protein and exercise

5.     Protein

Try to include seafood in your diet as much as you can. Health professionals and nutritional experts recommend having fish or any other seafood at least twice a week. Seafood, specifically, fish, are rich in proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. If you do not have access to good quality seafood, there is no cause for worry as proteins are found in non-seafood as well.

Dry beans, peas, and lentils are a critical source of protein, and they are low in fats. Plus, if you are a vegetarian, you can opt for these foods instead of meat and fish.


These are some of the ways through which you can adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you act on these suggestions, you will experience a long and healthy life. If you chose not to follow any of these, you run the risk of falling seriously ill.

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