10 Things You Can Make from Cereal Boxes

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Cereal Boxes are large. These are also made from quite sturdy and durable cardstock materials making them perfect to preserve cereals for a long time. These features also come in handy when you use your creativity and design other things from these boxes for cereals. Cereal Box Packaging can be turned into many other useful things when you have the right crafting skills. For some other uses, you don’t even have to do anything to them at all. Here are some of the best uses your cereal packaging can be put to once all the cereal from them has been eaten:

Custom Cereal Boxes

1: Kitchen Storage Box

Kitchen is always short on storage spaces and boxes. Your large Custom Cereal Boxes can easily be used as quality kitchen storage containers for many different kitchen items. Everything including spices, forks, and knives or cleaning stuff that you don’t have space for can be organized in these large boxes nicely. Simply, place them on top of your kitchen cabinets with all your kitchen items in them and make your kitchen look neat and tidy.

2: Mail Organizer

Yes, that’s right. Using your Mini Cereal Boxes or large ones suitably, you can convert them into efficient mail organizers. Wrap your cereal box with beautiful wrapping papers and then write or print any texts you want to go on it. Now, simply attach it on your wall with adhesives or nail them in. Your cheapy mail organizers will be ready to hold any emails you get.

Cereal Boxes Organizer

3: Gift Tags

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When you are quite handy with your cutting and crafting skills, you can turn all that cardboard from a cereal box into beautiful gift tags. First, you will need to wrap your cereal box material with a gift style wrapping paper. Be sure to use high-quality adhesives for this and then cut the cardboard into small tag styled pieces. Make a hole in their topsides and ribbon them up with your fancy gifts.

4: Drawer Organizer

Drawers are so messy quite often. No matter how much we would like to have them organized, drawer storage items just get messed up for no reason. When you have extra Cereal Boxes, you can cut them up according to your drawer’s depth. Place as many as you can fit in that drawer and have different ones for different storage items. All of a sudden, you will get a drawer that looks neat and is so easy to get your things out of.

cereal boxes Drawer Organizer

5: Desk Organizers

Since we are on the topic of organizing things, your Custom Cereal Boxes can also be used as much affordable desk organizers. Simply cut them into your required sizes and wrap them in a decent wrapping paper. Place them on your office desk or your home desk. Their durable materials should be good enough to hold and stationary or other desk items that you might need organizing.

6: Thread Spools

Are you a knitter who likes to knit things from woolen threads? With your old cereal packaging, you can get as many thread spools as you might need. Cut your cereal box materials in a large single sheet. Now, turn them upside down revealing their plain inner sides and lay them on a flat surface. Draw your spool shapes with a marker and then cut them out in any required numbers. Your woolen threads will now be much easier to use.

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Cereal Box Thread Spools

7: Fancy and Creative Gift Boxes

Gift packaging is quite unique and very flexible. Depending on the nature of your gift, you can use many different kinds of gift bags. If you have large or small Custom Cereal Boxes and are not short on crafting skills, turning them into gift boxes should not be a problem. Simply, wrap your cereal packaging with beautiful gift wraps. Place any insert papers and attach any other embellishments on them and they should be ready to go.

8: Beautiful Gift Bags

Similarly, gift bags are quite useful for different occasions as well. For this, you need to follow most of the gift boxes process and also attach a bag like carrying system on them. Simply, get durable ribbons and make holes on both sides of your wrapped cereal packaging. Pass the durable ribbons through these holes and have them in a way that they form a bag like carrying extension.

Cereal box Gift bag

9: Window Planters

Since you have large and also the Mini Cereal Boxes, with the right creativity, you can use them as your planters for windows. No wrapping or customization is needed for this one. Simply, cut their bottoms in your required sizes and full them up with soil from the garden. Place your favorite plants in them and your window planters should be ready.

10: Pencil Cases for Kids

Kids keep losing their pencil cases right! Well, with your emptied out cereal packaging boxes, you can make as many as you want and for no added costs. Cut your required sizes from the cereal box materials and make them in a way that they resemble your kid’s pencil boxes. Attach some of these Velcro things on their lids for closing and opening.

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