SEO Outlook: The WordPress Versus HTML Debate

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Want to take your business online? Are you trying to expand your horizons by creating a website and plunging into the world of digital marketing? Then you must be facing the dilemma of whether to build your website using WordPress or using HTML coding. This is not an easy question for anyone who is putting in their time or money into a website that will be their brand’s face on the internet. A digital marketing company in Pune like Trickyard is helping us sort out through this dilemma.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to use their platform and CMS to create your own website, even with zero coding knowledge.

HTML vs word press
HTML vs word press

What is an HTML website?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. According to a digital marketing agency in Pune, HTML is used by web developers and coders to build a website from scratch. These websites are custom made tailored to the needs of the customer.

WordPress Versus HTML Comparison


  • Google’s Preference

It is a common misconception that Google algorithms prefer WordPress websites over HTML ones. Google’s algorithms are not biased towards any particular CMS.

They function according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and decide rankings based on their algorithms. Hence, a digital marketing service in Pune notes that the decision to choose either WordPress or HTML should not be made on this factor.


Every company has a specific amount of money that they are ready to pay for website development. An HTML website needs computer programming expertise. If you are building an HTML website the charges will depend on the features you want and the company you are hiring for this purpose.

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WordPress is a free CMS platform. It has lots of free WordPress themes and SEO plugins that will allow you to develop your website with an almost zero budget! According to a digital marketing company in Pune, a WordPress website is easy to build and requires no technical expertise. Hence, you don’t need to pay fat fees to developers for your website under this scenario.


A crucial part of websites nowadays is their responsiveness to different devices. As a businessman, you need to ensure that the website works well on a PC, a tablet and a mobile. HTML requires different and more intricate coding to make the website responsive and quick.

WordPress websites are built in to be responsive to all devices. It helps in designing mobile-friendly websites. Even when you are creating your website the CMS allows you to look at the visual from different devices to give you a better idea.


We build a website to draw more traffic and to generate leads. On-page SEO is crucial for better rankings in SERPs. In a customized HTML website, you can take care of all the factors that contribute to SEO, you can take help from Trickyard.


On a WordPress website, you have to add a few easily available plugins, like Yoast SEO, to factor in all on-page SEO elements. These plugins are created according to the latest SEO trends and function seamlessly with the website.


After listing out all the points in our comparison, we believe that if you are a start-up, or a small business owner, who are beginning their journey into the digital sphere, out of a WordPress website. It is easy to maintain and expand without any programming knowledge. It is a rugged platform that functions smoothly on all devices and anywhere in the world.

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