You’re unknowingly destroying your Skin!! Know How?

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Everybody wants a healthy skin and we keep thinking about the ways to make it better. As a result, sometimes we overthink and end up destroying it utterly. If you’re one of this kind, you may commit the crime soon. Our daily habits considerably affect adversely to our skin.

It is a well-known fact that one spends a hefty amount of their income on skincare products. In the hope of getting a gleaming and glowing skin, from an aloe-Vera face wash to a face mist, we end up losing a significant amount.
However, did you know that your daily habits have a huge role in destroying your skin? Maybe unknowingly, but you’re damaging your skin quite harsh. One needs to be aware of these habits.

Here are 5 daily habits destroying your skin unknowingly

1. Dirty phones

Not only your contacts and personal messages to your loved ones, but your phone is also a safer place for bacteria. Your phone is home to millions of bacteria. Now just imagine how many times you touch your phone to your face. The figure must be staggering right?

2. Dehydration

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Not drinking enough water surely destroys your skin as well as the body like nothing else. Water is a simple liquid with magical profits. From hair to skin, water take care of everything. Make sure you drink a lot of water in the day. Try to drink at small intervals too.

3. Are you still using bar soap?

Our face is much sensitive as compared to our body skin. Soaps are made for overall body skin whereas our face requires proper care. To cleanse your face, stop using soaps. Instead, go for some good face wash that caters your skin effectively.

4. Let your skin breathe

This may sound quite awkward. Right? We embark our regular day’s plan and chose to look perfect. Be it clothes or the multiple layers of makeup. However, our skin too craves for some time to relax and breathe. Prefer wearing comfortable clothes and avoid using make up every time you step out.

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5. Too much of sweetness


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Who doesn’t love sweets? Since our childhoods, we crave for sweets and the love for sugar grows rapidly. It definitely makes a lot of us happy. There are still a few good deeds that have already made the unreal compromise in their lives. Consuming too much sugar weakens your skin cells and increase more fat. One should always keep an eye on the amount of sugar they’re in taking.

These are the 5 daily habits of yours that are destroying your skin unknowingly. Make sure you try to avoid them as much as you can in order to get healthy skin.

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