5 Things Event Management Companies Firms in India Should Avoid

Event management companies
Event management companies
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Events hold a particular place in our lives especially when you want to celebrate your special day. People have different types of events for the different occasions. Some celebrate their birthday, some celebrate festivals, while others commemorate a get-together. But the way to celebrate these special happenings is the same, through an event.

Being the event organizers in India, you need to take care of all the aspects of managing an event. Anything can happen on the day or two days prior to the event. There are myriad of possibilities that you might need something important at the eleventh hour that you haven’t set up or prepared before. In that case, what are you going to do? You might end up ruining the whole event and losing your credibility in the market. Right? So, what can you do in this case? I tell you! You should prepare for the unexpected things that, most probably, can happen in the unexpected hour.

Event management companies


I have listed some points that you, the one, representing one of the prominent event management firms in India, should take care of while taking any management project in your hands.

Take a look at how you can avoid the last minute problems.


  • Weak Communication and Coordination


This is something that you should avoid at any cost. Communication gap creates a lot of trouble in the successful completion of an event. Always keep your words concise and effective. There should not be any surprise at the last moment because of the fragile communication with your team and the client. Everyone should know their responsibilities and part of work at the time of an event. For example, you should assign everyone a piece of work such as lighting, catering and look & feel of the event according to his/her capability and coordinate with your team members from time to time to avoid any confusion.

Event management companies in Delhi
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  • No Prior Confirmation With the Suppliers


A prior confirmation is necessary whenever it comes to getting the deal done with the vendors. You might have spent months to get the deal done on your premises, but this is not enough. You should remain in contact with the suppliers and ask for the status of your resources from time to time whether on call or via email. But the important thing is to check on the vendors 2 days prior to the event in order to avoid any delay or disappointment.


  • Having Not Enough Manpower


You just can’t afford everything to do by yourself. You need a good manpower to run the event effectively. You should have a proper team with enough members to carry out the fragmented tasks, for example, there should be a separate person for catering, furniture, and guest entertainment. Try to gather a strong team that can manage the occasion well and can come to the rescue whenever the event seems to stumble down.

Event planners in Delhi
Event planners in Delhi


  • Being the Last Minute Whiners


I have personally seen many event management firms in India which spread chaos at the eleventh hour because of the last minute preparation. This is strictly a “no-no” thing that you should avoid. You can plan your time beforehand and follow the schedule accordingly because you never know when small things escalate to bigger ones. Let’s put it this way. Suppose in the middle of the event, electricity goes out, in that case, you can use the lighting back up. It feels good when you prepare in advance. Isn’t it?


  • Clashing Events


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Always try to avoid that location in which people have already booked an event. You should choose the venue that is not entertaining other events on the same date and time, your event is going to happen otherwise you will face a clashing-event problem. For example, you have selected a venue and timing and reached the destination but because of another event that is going on the other side, you are unable to get a parking space. In that case, it will cause a delay for your special day. Another example can be the deafening noise that is coming from the other side and is spoiling your event. So, always go for the serene location.  

Every event is special and you can make your every event lively and mesmerizing. By being mindful of the aforementioned worth-avoiding things by the help of Event management companies

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