5 Important Tips To Choose Web Hosting Service

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Are you looking for web hosting service for your website? Then you should know which things to expect from a typical web hosting company.

Continue reading these tips for web hosting seekers to find ideal web hosting package which will suit to your website and your budget.

1. Ability to host multiple websites

As your business grows you will get a lot of new ideas. You will need for these ideas separate websites. Your web hosting company should allow you to host multiple websites under one account. Stay away from companies which require to pay for a new hosting account every time when you start a new website. Another solution may be signing up for a basic web hosting plan and later upgrade to the higher plan whih allows to host more domain names. However, you need to check out the possibility of hosting plan upgrade before choosing your new web host.

2. Domain name registration

To run a website you need your own domain name. Example of a domain name is mydomain.com. Good web hosting company is able to register the domain for you. The price of the domain name vary depending on the extension. Domains like .com, .net, .info, etc. are the cheapest. Some national domain names like .se or .jp are more expensive. If you run a project which is targeted to visitors from all countries you should try to find .com domain for this project. If your target audience comes from particular country it is wise to register the national domain.

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3. Daily data backup

buy bluehost hosting
buy bluehost hosting

Time from time you may need backup of your website. Some mistake can happen and you lose some data. It may happen that the server hard drive will be corrupted or you delete something by mistake. For this reason, serious hosting companies make regular backups. Make sure that the backups are made at least on weekly basis. However, daily backup is better.

4. Money back guarantee

Even the best web host may not suit your needs. The company should offer at least 14 days money back guarantee to give you enough time to test their services.

5. Reliable customer support

Reliable customer support is probably the most important thing you should consider when choosing the right company. Good web hosts come with response time guarantee. Good response time is less than 3 hours. Make sure that your host provides 24/7 support — if there will be some problem you will need to solve it as quickly as possible. Before signing up you may try to contact the support with a few questions and watch carefully their response time. You should also consider the quality of the response — useless response within five minutes will probably not help you. There are a few ways how the support can be handled. The most common is the ticketing system. Clients submit a ticket and the company representative responds to him. This communication is handled using the software in the web hosting control panel. Another way how to support clients are via phone or online chat.

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godaddy hosting
godaddy hosting

Another thing you need to determine is how much traffic you expect your website to acquire, and how much disk space your website will take up on the server. Many web hosting services charge based on these two factors, so going in without this knowledge may cost you.
It may sound confusing at the start but once you get the basics down, and locate a web hosting directory, finding a cheap web hosting service will be easy. You will soon be on your way to getting your ideas out to the world!

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