Tips to Make Your Website Accessible to The Visually Impaired

website accessible
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The online presence of your company is increasingly required by consumers

A website accessible greatly increase the demand for products and services on the internet. To have Website Accessible and attractive website, be aware that your company’s personality is embedded in each element, in each tab, in each function you put on your website in the most attractive, efficient and functional way. Setting up an accessible and inclusive website seems like a puzzle to many, but it’s becoming more and more inescapable. Check out some valuable tips to get you started.

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website accessible
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Making a website accessible, albeit in a slow process, has been one of the searches of some developers, either by the specific purpose of a site in question or by some new public that the agency or company it works for is seeking to attend. Just as in the real world, where places adapted to people with physical or mental disabilities are still expanding, on the internet, this same public also finds it difficult to access various websites for lack of a well-designed or studied code to meet the requirements of screen readers and textual browsers. Even if you have not seen a need to work out more accessible projects, know that we can use the same accessibility techniques to apply SEO techniques to your code, and you can also ensure a gain in positions in the search results. So, to collaborate with an audience that is not taken into account when designing web projects and prioritize the “conversation” between your code and search engines, let’s go to the tips to make your website more accessible. 

website accessible for whom?

Making sites accessible does not just target people with disabilities. The concept of accessibility meets the principle of universality of the Internet which is also the great power of the World Wide Web. So, we’re talking about making a website easier for everyone to use (even the one with no disabilities).  Turning to the issue of aging, Europe is the continent with the oldest in the world, and accessibility is also targeted particularly at older people who have poor eyesight, poor hearing or have physical or motor disabilities.

How to make a website accessible?

website accessible
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It is impossible to make a website accessible to everyone. So, you should try to reach as many people as possible. First, we have to think about the audience of our site. Who will actually consult our website?  When it comes to structuring your site content, it is important to do it the right way, using simple words and short phrases as well.  And we need to think about alternatives to “traditional” solutions, say predicting text descriptions for images, data tables for graphics, and subtitles for videos. A good trick to planning an accessible website is to make a kind of vocal projection of it, starting by thinking of it as a “spoken” site. You can confirm whether or not your site is accessible by installing the Word Accessibility Checker application.

Before you set out for development, create a “draft”, a small guide/layout of your site sections and their ramifications. It is quite simple to do and it will make a huge difference when it comes to creating the site. With a complete view of what you are going to do, it’s all clearer to create a functional website.

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What can be done immediately?

The best way to start is by betting on solving usability problems: they confuse everyone! After that, you should focus on the smallest details that can be resolved immediately and quickly. Here are some of the immediate changes you can make that make all the difference:

  • Add appropriate “Alt Text” to all images – providing information about the images to your visitors and also helping Google “read” them.
  • Use titles/headings correctly and in appropriate proportions.
  • Adapt your forms to screen readers.
  • Put the “Advance to main content” option at the top of each page.
  • Make all content accessible through the keyboard.
  • Create sufficient contrast between the text and the background.
  • Use an accessible template.

After you have gone through this phase, it is a good idea to study the subject and put people with disabilities to test the site to see what you can do next.

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Important tips for text

  • Contrast – special care in light shades of gray, orange and yellow (use the WAVE Plugin – – to detect contrast and accessibility errors in general).
  • True Text – widens better, loads faster, and is easier to translate. Use CSS instead of Editor to add visual style.
  • Capitals – watch out for their use because they are difficult to read and can be read incorrectly by Screen Readers.
  • Font size – appropriate use of font size that may vary depending on the font chosen. 10 is usually the least recommendable.
  • Line length – should not be too long because it becomes unreadable.

Important links tips

  • They must be recognizable and immediately identifiable.
  • Tick links in the body of articles with an underline or other sign other than just a different color.
  • Ensure that users who only use keyboards can visually identify a focused link – use the dashed line or other indicators with no color.
  • Draw a “Skip to Main Content” link – for users who only use the keyboard, this link should be at the top of the page. It may be hidden but should become visible when it receives focus from the keyboard.
  • Ensure that the Links Text makes sense by itself – avoid “Click Here” or other ambiguous references such as “More” or “Continue” that can be confusing.

Important tips for media

  • Use video and audio animations very carefully.
  • Provide a Play / Pause button.
  • Avoid using blinking or stroboscopic content because it can trigger seizures (for example, in epileptic people).
  • Design accessible form controls – ensure that they have descriptive tags and instructions (pay particular attention to validating form errors and retrieval mechanisms).
  • Do not rely solely on color (for people with visual problems, for example, it does not help at all).


Who will access your site? Based on the answer to that question, you can, instead, risk a more innovative and non-standard home page. But if the site is not targeted to a very specific audience, the best way out is to always prioritize functionality and objectivity. And in times of an increasingly diverse network, it becomes harder to define who actually will access your site. Therefore, be aware of what may represent an unnecessary difficulty for the user.

If after all this still does not know how to make your site accessible, contact any good web development company Dubai. The agency helps you get into the world of web accessibility and thereby broaden your range of potential visitors and do good along the way.

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