How to Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone

Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone
Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone
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Do you Know How to Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone.

Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone, WhatsApp has literally replaced text messaging as the new default way to chat with friends. It has more than a billion users around the world. Text messaging was boring and expensive but WhatsApp is not only free, it is simple and fast if you use it on a Wi-Fi.

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Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone
Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone

However, it has many competitors in the market and the service is constantly adding new features to remain in the tech-battle. Amid all the privacy and security concerns, WhatsApp has introduced the strongest measure of end-to-end encryption so that its users’ messages cannot be intercepted.

But we are explaining three tricks here to Read Someone’s Messages on WhatsApp without Touching their Phone.

Trick 1: Read Messages through Xnspy Spyware app for WhatsApp

 Of all the tips and tricks available on the internet about WhatsApp, this is the most effective one. India has a huge population that uses smartphones and WhatsApp for communication. Reading someone’s text messages is not easy if you do not have access to their cell phone. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, end-to-end encryption makes it impossible to intercept the blinded codes of the WhatsApp messenger. So how is it possible to see someone’s messages without even touching their phone? Xnspy is the answer to this question. Let us explain how it helps.

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The first issue that you would encounter while using any of the best WhatsApp spying apps in India would be the variety of phones and their compatibility with those apps. Xnspy has the compatibility for every Android and iPhone model till today. Forget about jailbreaking or rooting the phone for reading the WhatsApp messages. You would pair the app with the target phone just once and it will start uploading all the information to your Xnspy account.

You can read all the messages on WhatsApp including the group chats and individual chats. It will share sundry information including the contact details, pictures & videos shared, time and date of the message.  Another interesting feature is that you will also be able to read the deleted messages from the WhatsApp. You must be wondering how? If the person has not deleted the message before it was delivered, Xnspy will upload the message to your account and you can see the message even if the person deletes it later on. The Xnspy Spyware app for WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store; you have to download it from their website.

Trick 2: Access the notification history

This trick is particularly for Android users. This method was shared by a Spanish blog ‘Android Jefe’. It claims that the deleted messages on the WhatsApp can still be accessed. Smartphone users having Android Nougat 7.0 or higher version can download a third-party app Notification History to read the deleted messages. Please note that this trick will work for deleted messages only. Unlike Xnspy Spyware app for WhatsApp, which also gives photos, videos, and any other media, you will not able to see the regular conversations in WhatsApp.

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The app is downloaded from Google Play Store. This app stores the notifications you have received and can be used to go back into the messages that were sent on WhatsApp but have since been deleted. Another limitation of the app is that you would only be able to read the first few hundred characters of the message. The entire text will not be available and if you restart your Android phone, the notification log will automatically clear previously saved messages

Trick 3: Using MAC address to read WhatsApp messages

This is a manual method of reading someone’s WhatsApp messages. While the first two tricks were about using a third-party app, this method involves using MAC address of the device. The MAC address stands for ‘media access control’ address of a device and is a unique identifier. You will need the MAC address of the target phone, which is embedded in the settings and install a free app like Terminal emulator. Enter the target phone’s MAC address in the emulator. In the next step, type “$ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether” followed by your MAC address. Now replace the previous MAC address with your MAC address.

Now launch the WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the target WhatsApp account. WhatsApp will prompt you for verification and ask for a code. In this case, choose the call verification to get the code. Use the code on the WhatsApp account and from this point onwards, you will be receiving each message incoming and outgoing message of the target phone’s WhatsApp account.


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