Effects of drugs on pregnancy

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Effects of drugs on pregnancy Married life is the most beautiful chapter of life. How good it is when two young souls live for each other and the love is flowing everywhere. And there is no limit to joy when a cute newborn is expected from a mom. The life of both mother and the father revolves around that newborn. But with this joy and happiness, there is a tension about mother’s health and fitness. The major concern of parents is about the Effects of drugs on pregnancy, cigarettes and another type of chemical effects on the health of the baby. Here we will discuss some of the effects of drugs during pregnancy. We will also have a look at effects of Adderall and cocaine.


Effects of drugs on pregnancy
Effects of drugs on pregnancy

Alcohol, this one is strictly prohibited while pregnancy for mothers. It can have severe and very negative effects on the baby. There is no source of energy and food for developing baby except umbilical cord. If a mother consumes healthy food, the baby will get energy and it will help in development. On the other hand, if mothers don’t care and consume alcohol, here are a few problems that can arise because of this.

  • he physical health of baby might get affected, deformation
  • Learning disabilities may also affect the mental health of the baby.
  • Behavioral problems become very much prone to babies if the mother is consuming alcohol.

Some people also claim that a little consumption is actually safe for babies, but there is no evidence to this. However, it is only to remember that studies have proven, no use of alcohol is only safe for newborns.

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Effects of Adderall consumption during pregnancy:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is found among quite a number of females. And the ones, who are found positive, mostly use a drug called Adderall. The drug cures the disease but it has too many bad effects on the user’s health. It increases norepinephrine levels in the brain for better focus. However, it is strictly not recommended to moms during pregnancy. Though there is no strict evidence that it poses a threat to mother’s or babies health, still doctor’s advice to stay away from it. The reason for that is because of Adderall’s effects on blood pressure and heart rate of the individual users.

Cocaine also poses bad health effects for pregnant moms:

Effects of drugs on pregnancy
Effects of drugs on pregnancy

Cocaine is like venom to the developing babies in the tummy of pregnant women. Not only for pregnant ladies but cocaine is equally bad for all age groups, genders, and all the humans. The very first damage it does for the user damages the central nervous system. It also causes disorders like altered senses, nausea, paranoia, and swings in mood. All these symptoms and effects are also found in pregnant women who still use cocaine. And like said earlier, because the baby can only get food from the umbilical cord, all these automatically get transferred into a baby. And just think of the immune system of adults that fights these diseases, do unborn and developing babies have any of it?

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