12 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions In 2018

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Google chrome is already very great but still, there are some ways which are not perfect and needs an improvement to make them better particularly like downloading Best Free Google Chrome Extensions. Extensions were essentially small apps that add extra features to a web browser. Google has a lot of extensions which you easily use them by saving you money because they are free to use.

So Let’s Start...

Here Are The 12 Best Google Chrome Extensions :

1. Last Pass

Basically, the Last pass is free passwords save extension which saves all your passwords automatically. Remembering of your passwords for a multiples websites is a hustling task with yourself. It can also be difficult to the rainstorms passwords that are both unique and that are easy to remember for each new one account you want to create. The last pass makes this process simpler be generating the new secure passwords for each time you logged into a website.

After installing this amazing extension you can enter all the credentials for a website which you want to save on the last pass to remember.

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2. Hover Zoom

Hover zoom is a nifty little extension of chrome which makes easy to preview the videos, images, and thumbnails on the web. When you put you over the cursor on any object then this extension will instantly show you a preview. You can easily use this extension to browse galleries without opening every single photo at one time, you can also match the previews of videos to decide that which is better an which you want them or which not, and many more. You can believe that this extension will save your precious time once you start working or using it.

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3. Momentum

Sometimes in life to become productive you have to need a constant reminder and motivation which helps you do work and in a better way. Momentum is an extension which helps you in creating a configurable new tab, which also gives you a moment of calm and every time inspires you to become more productive than before.

This extension also updates or changes the new tab’s background with a good and motivational image which inspires peoples to do better in a new way.  Momentum also allows you to add your daily focus and the work to do. This will be visible in the new tab. It’s one of the best ways to remind that what needs you to be done.

4. Mail Track

Mail track brings the double tickmark [ ✔✔ ] symbol feature to your Gmail account. This thing is same as of the Whats App due to which Whats app is very popular due to their tickmarks [ ✔✔ ] which helps users in seeing if their message is being seen or not. This extension is developed by the MailTrack.io, which lets you know if the emails which you have sent has been read or not if the emails have been read by someone then the 2 tick marks [ ✔✔ ] will appear as in the form the reading message. The best part in this is that it is free and you can use this for lifelong. This will be really helpful in Email marketing.

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5. Script Safe

This is also one of the best tools to use it. This is the only tool which not only provides you with an secure browsing but also makes it faster by not allowing the unwanted scripts which are present on the web and protects you to not loads those unwanted scripts to load on websites. Scriptsafe’s features which include whitelisting/blacklisting of websites and protects against fingerprinting, it also protects against webRTC leaks and unwanted content blocking, Domain blocklist integration of a Malware and many more.

6. Awesome Screenshot

This is one of the best and favorite features of firefox Quantum. This makes taking and sharing the screenshots within your browser which is really an easy task. Awesome Screenshot google store

While chrome has no features if you really need this. It not only lets you capture a screenshot on your web but also lets you record videos if you need or want. This extension allows you to capture all or part of any web page, you can add annotations, comments, blue sensitive info and also share with one-click uploads.

7. Mercury Reader

Mercury reader extension combines the functions of a like ” read it later ” bookmark the tools with a reading-focused web page reformat. Basically, It automatically pulls out the text written and the key images and forms another page and shows them in a big text size which is really easy for the eyes to see a text. This extension can also send the pages to your personal account, or sometimes even to a kindle for comfy read later. This tool is for your ideal reading preferences and it automatically syncs across the computers and mobile devices.

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8. Google Dictionary

It’s good for you if you take your step forward and heading towards Dictionary.com or anyhow google to find the definition of an unfamiliar word which only takes seconds but you can do this even more quickly with the Google Dictionary extension. Instead of opening a new tab and find the new definition you can just do one thing simply highlight that words which you find meaning for and click on the dictionary icon that appears to the next to the browser’s URL field after installing this extension. If you want then You can also click that dictionary even when a word is not selected to perform a dictionary search on your PC.

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9. Adblock Plus

This Adblock plus is one of the most popular tools which is ad-blocking tools on the web. It blocks the large selections of an advertising network at the server level which you can do either by replacing them on your screen with the white space or you can simply be collapsing them naturally into the format of a page. You have a choice here either select from a list of the ad networks or blocking the ads individually one by one. Most of the websites are surviving on advertising revenue. I will remind you that you can also use the whitelist feature in order to turn ad blocking off on sites which you visit frequently.


10. Grammarly

If you are those kinds of the person which is really productive on the web and a good chunk of your time which is being spent on writing things. Grammarly source googleIt doesn’t matter whether you are replying emails or drafting your next articles on Google Docs. Grammarly is an extension which can help you in write better and in the best way. You will be seen an underline under the words if you have made any mistake in your article, Grammarly easily finds errors in your writing which are missed by any other word processor. The best part about Grammarly is that it automatically finds a mistake and also suggests you the corrections in a real-time.


11. Noisli

If you are facing the noise issues then you must check out this amazing Google extension Noisli. Noisli is one of the better and the most beautifully designed productivity campaign. It doesn’t matter in which environment you are where it is a noise too loud or too low, with this Noisli you can create and listen to your favorite background sounds in order to maintain focus on your work and perform your work in a better way. This extension also gives many options to chose from them. You can choose the background noise and it depends on your own preference, or let Noisli do it for you depending on currently what you are working on. This is one of the best productivity tools which you have.

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12. One Tab

This one tab extension is for those peoples who like to open a few too many tabs at a single time on chrome. While, chrome is a minimalistic browser which is having dozens of tabs to open at the same time can still be a struggle, If your browser and your RAM tends to struggle at this point then one tab offers a solution which is a single tab that condenses your open tabs into a history like list which you can reference instead of saving the memory and speeding up chrome for you.


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