How to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week

How to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week
How to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week
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How to manage your Budget when you are on a trip or you are traveling

when I hear about traveling, its all about the fun and lots of enjoyment. But when you look at budget its, make you quite serious and you just want to travel the whole world for just a few bucks. so making your trip so cool and here is you can try my strategy to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week when you hear about A week in just $200 bucks, it looks I am joking but no, it’s really in one week in $200. and I am sure it will be very good experience and too much fun.

So Here is my Funda of travel trip in $200 budget for a week

  1. Say No to flights;- yes I am saying to say no to flights, you can use local bus, train or any other medium of traveling, which can reduce your cost too much (up to 75% to 80%) and its give you a pretty good experience of traveling, you can talk with people or co-passengers which will give you a free entertainment, and also a close experience to know the thoughts of the peoples and sometimes you can be or found a good friend of them. so try this I hop it can be a memorable trip or traveling.

  1. Choose Hostels and Tents:-  You can select Hostels or take a tent on a rant, choose what you like or feel comfortable, seriously I wanna go with tents because you can make your home anywhere. and it’s awesome to sleep in tents and give an awesome traveling experience. and will reduce the cost of costly hotels and also save the time from hotel to visiting the place where you want to go.
  2. walk instead of taking expensive cabs:– you are a traveler so you love to explore places and you know it’s not possible to sit in an AC cab,  So you can walk while clicking some photographs, and walk as much you can, it will also reduce your cost.
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How to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week
How to manage travel trip in $200 budget for a week

Some Other Points also Need to Focus  are

  1. Eat local food and enjoy the local food test:- You can try local strat food or, the food which local people eat try that one, which is a good option and also it gives you a different test and of course it will save money. Also, you can take some dry fruits and some food from Home when you go on a trip.

  1. Shopping, of course, not:- you are on a trip and you love to traveling so no need to shopping, also you can try the shopping things like taking photographs with them but no need to buy, it will reduce cost and give you experience like you have all these things you bought because you have photographs with them.
  2. If you have much budget then yes choose the traveling packages:– that’s sound well if you have full budget then you can take a holidays package or some TripAdvisor help to plan your traveling trip, on my personal experience you can try Make- my -trip they are giving many offers time to time like cash back or 1st night free stay. check here the make my trip offers. Hotels offersFlight Offers by Make my Trip
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