Green Tea beauty tips for all type skin and Hair

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check out the Green tea beauty tips for all type oily, dry, sensitive skin and hair

As per research surveys, green tea is antioxidant properties than the powerful Vitamins and cream.

you can use Green Tea to remove toxins from the skin, making it smooth and healthy. For hair care, green tea has the potential to exterminate dandruff and psoriasis by reducing inflammations. It also softens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth. You do not have to spend big bucks to buy green tea beauty products. Here are the Green Tea best beauty tips green tea face masks and hair masks easily prepared using kitchen with just green tea bags, lemon, coconut oil, eggs, sugar, and yogurt. for every skin type: dry, oily and sensitive.

#1 For soft & shine hair use Egg Yolk and Green Tea

Egg yolk makes hair shiny, soft and lustrous while green tea helps stimulate hair growth and helps reduce hair fall.

ingredients & quantity 

  1.  Two Egg (if you have medium size hair), one egg (if you have sorter size hare)
  2. Two Green tea Bag ( you can use any green tea bag)

How to prepare and Use

crack two eggs in a bowel and put it one side. now take a Half cup of lukewarm water and dip 2 green tea bag into it and put it for 7-10 minutes. Now add the Tea in eggs and mix it properly also be careful the mixture should not become too runny or thick to apply.

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Apply the whole mixture, to the scalp first then work your way out towards the ends. Keep the mask on for 30-40 minutes then wash your hair with water completely.  Immediate results can be seen as the hair will be super soft and shining!

Use this mask 2 times a week for best results and continued nourishment.

#2 For Face use Lamon Juice and Green Tea

Lemon juice, especially, has several health benefits associated with it, while also benefiting your hair and skin.

ingredients & quantity 

  1.  You need 1/2 teaspoon squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Two tablespoons of (cooled) freshly brewed green tea.
  3. You can also add a pinch of turmeric for extra protection against inflammation and acne.

How to prepare and Use

Mix all the ingredients together. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the mixture then dab it on to your skin. Repeat after 3 minutes or when the pack is completely dry. When the whole mixture is used up, leave it on for 10-15 minutes then wash off with water. Your skin will be brighter and glowing from within. It will be super soft and squeaky clean as well.





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