How to start writing a blog, remember these top 10 points to write a good and successful blog

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How to start writing a blog, remember these top 10 points to write a good and successful blog 

Hello Readers in this post I will tell you what should you must remember to become a successful blogger. In the world, there is a million blogger or blogs but not all successful. why?
because they do not think about some points that’s why they become unsuccessful. If you want to become a blogger the first thing is about passion keep passion to write to wait until Adsense not approve, take a right template, use a custom domain, use original content which is not on the internet. use your Owen language to write don’t copy past it from anywhere. use free stock images.


Follow the following steps to write a good blog

1st:— Think what you want to write: ——
                                                                     one of important thing is that what you want to write or about which you want and what you things you want to include in your blog are very important. after confirm that you need to think about the domain name (optional) or the name of the blog.
Blog name should be unique and attractive and short in length also easy to remember do not use misspelling in the name.
2nd:—- Create an Email Id same as a domain name( can say professional mail id):—-
                                                                                                                                     This is also a very important thing to get easy Adsense approval also its a part of the professionalism of the blog. so you must create an email id as per your domain name.
3rd:—- How to Log in and start with Blogger:——-
                                                                                 Now you have to make an account on blogger using your mail id (which you created). search login blog on google or (click here)

click on Sign In Option >> Enter Email ID>> Choose A password>> Click create account>>

Now choose Google + profile to show on blogger it is necessary because it helps you to approve the adsense. >> after that choose the blog name or address>>> select the theme or template you can choose letter after setup blog (Click here to know how to set up a template )>>>> setup and fill desired

details now you get this interface as shown in picture bellow:-


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Now as seen above pic you have successfully created the account on the blog.
To write a new post click on New post option.
also there are may tab i will tell you in letter posts. or (Click Here to know)

4th:—  Must have social media accounts like Facebook ,Twitter ,Instagram, Google +:—-
                                                                                                                                             you must have the   Facebook ,Twitter ,Instagram, Google + and you-tube accounts . if you have more top tan accounts its very good for the must link the all social media accounts to the blog witch is very important for the visitors and which will rank you in the google search engine.

Click Here to full guide how to set up or link social media to your blog.

5th:—- SEO and Drive Organic Traffic to blog:—–
                                                                                  This is very important topic and have many tips tricks for do SEO for your blog i will tell you one by one in letter posts stay tune. you can do this by your self its very easy you can use site map google web master tool and can share your post to social media also can make back linking on other sites etc. (Click here to Know about SEO)
6th:— Must Have  Privacy Policy ,About Me, contact us page in the blog:——
                                                                                                                           This is Very important without this google adsence is not approve. these are the main things which one bigners are forget to add these in there blog so you must add them in your blog.
 And to know how to add them click here.
7th:— Good Template for blog :—
                                                       This is also a very important thing you must use a very good template which not so messy and good and simple in look also dont decorate it so much just use simple.        (clickHere To download ans setup Good Template)
8th:–  Original content write your Owen no copy righted image:—–
                                                                                                           always use original content do not copy past  it from the internet or any other place. also never use the copy righted images in your blog. also do not use the images from the google search you need to downlaod the image from free sites there are may free website witch give you image to download for free. so use them always.
9th:– Must write the 15-20 posts to get approve from google adsence:—-
                                                                                                                      to get  approve for adsence you need to write good 15-20 posts must contain the good and original constant also enaf test should be in this .

10th:— do note use adult content or Hacking or alcoholic materials:—
                                                                                                                Google not allow all this type of content so you must follow this policy also do not click on the Owen adds after approval adsence.
if you follow all these steps i am sure you will get approve with in three days or same day if you set all things as i told you.


Have any problem please fill free to ask . stay tune for the other tips.
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